How terrific was Jeff Glor at his job? He even had me watching the CBS Evening News. Despite that unlikely feat, the 43-year-old Buffalo native will soon exit the coveted role he’s held for a year-and-a-half as CBS shuffles a news division mired in third place among the Big Three Broadcasters. Monday’s announcement that Glor

People are still upset about that “Simpsons come to Canada” episode that aired last Sunday. Most of the ruckus, however, comes from south of the border. It seems the good folks of Buffalo, N.Y., are ready to sic Cellino & Barnes on the show’s writing team — including the co-writer of “D’oh Canada,” Exeter, Ont.,

Topping tonight’s Eyewitness News: Irv Weinstein is dead. Back in the antenna era, as TV shifted from black and white to colour, the Buffalo WKBW news anchor was a familiar face for viewers in the greater Toronto area as well as in upstate New York. There was tremendous gravitas in Weinstein’s deep voice and his no-nonsense

It’s film festival time again in Toronto, with TIFF eating up space in the entertainment sections. There’s another festival just across the border in Buffalo, N.Y., however, that I’m more excited about: The first annual WNY Movie Expo. This fest has risen from the ashes of Cinefest, a haven for 16mm film collectors and enthusiasts for