Corner Gas


Ran into some characters Tuesday night in Toronto: the Corner Gas cast, to be specific. Brent Butt, Nancy Robertson, Gabrielle Miller, Eric Peterson, Lorne Cardinal and Tara Spencer-Naim joined animators and producers at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s comfy Hugh Jackman theatre to screen an episode of Butt’s latest passion project: Corner Gas Animated. Brent has been

It was no accident that Corner Gas co-stars Janet Wright and Eric Petersen had such good chemistry. The two knew each other since they were both 18. “She’s from Saskatoon, I went to school there,” Peterson told me a few years ago in Rouleau, Sask., on the set of “Corner Gas: The Movie.” “I knew

It’s always a delight catching up with Fred Ewanuick. The Port Moody, B.C. native lent his easy-going charm to Corner Gas for six seasons as town goofball Hank Yawbo. When I visited him on the set of the Corner Gas movie last summer near Regina, he let me drive Hank’s truck, which was cool. Ewanuick

Transcribing Eric Peterson is work. I was talking to the man last July in Rouleau, Sask., in his trailer on location for “Corner Gas: The Movie” (opening in theatres Wednesday). He says so many wise things its hard to keep up and he’s  a bitch to transcribe because you want to get it all down. Anyway, we

ROULEAU, Sask.–Spent a day in the brilliant Saskatchewan sun this week with the cast of Corner Gas: The Movie. Brent Butt, Eric Peterson, Fred Ewanuick, Gabrielle Miller and Janet Wright were all on location shooting scenes at the same Corner Gas gas station exterior where the cast shot the series. It’s been six years since

Show No. 107, “You’ve Been Great, Good Night,” closes out Canada’s most successful sitcom, Corner Gas. It all ends Monday night at 9:30 on CTV and A.Gas is all over the CTV channel factory Monday, starting with a Canada AM salute at 8 a.m., a live eTalk salute at 7 p.m. and “It’s Been a

Many years ago, the late, great NBC programming chief Brandon Tartikoff was quoted as saying that the weekly TV ratings numbers had become “the box score of the ‘90s.” That’s even more true this century as BBM Canada and Nielsen Media Research numbers are as parsed and dissected online and in print as Matt Sundin`s