Cracked is kaput, confirms Natalie Brown, who has moved on to The Strain. Brown–who starred on CBC’s comedy Sophie a few years back–was recurring on Cracked. The shot-in-Toronto CBC cop series, however, is not returning next season. Arctic Air has also been grounded, joining George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and The Ron James Show on the CBC scrap heap.

Sutcliffe and Nevin are teamed in CBC’s Cracked Starting Monday night at 9 p.m., CBC viewers get a second chance to take a crack at Cracked.The Toronto-based drama, about a Psychic Crimes Unit, barely cracked the half-million viewers a week mark in its first season last spring. Cash-strapped CBC renewed it, but tentatively, granting it

Blades battlers Shae Lynn Bourne and Anson Carter Remember the CBC? The Canadian public broadcaster has coasted along with reruns since around the time the Leafs were eliminated from the Stanley Cup. No network can afford to take the summer off anymore but that’s exactly what CBC did.  With the surprise exit of former programming

Yannick Bisson has reason to smile Premiere week is over. How did CBC do?The first week of January is a big one for CBC as the public broadcaster tries to take advantage of a more-or-less down week in network television to sneak on its 2013 series premieres. The network headed into the  beginning of the