Donal Logue


Poor Hector Elizondo. Now what is he going to do? I thought of Elizondo first when I heard the news last week that Marshall, who’d had a series of strokes very recently, had passed away. He was 81. Back in 2007, CBS held a TCA press tour party outdoors. I got talking to Elizondo at

I’m always curious as to how actors and actresses got their starts–in Jessica Lucas’ case, how they get from Vancouver to Gotham. Lucas joined the DC Comics drama this season as athletic marksman Tabitha Galavan. The series returns Monday night on CTV and Fox after a three month hiatus. “When I was a kid I was into

David Letterman’s departure from CBS’s The Late Show seems more meaningful the closer it draws near. As I write this, he has one more show left to tape. These past few weeks have been sweet and emotional for those of us who grew up with Dave as our guy. Norm Macdonald getting all choked–who saw that

Usually the titles of the new TV shows Canadian networks buy every year are guarded like a military secret. Journalists have had to sign non-disclosure agreements in the past just to get into the Toronto upfronts. Hats off, then, to CTV for just putting it out there. On Friday, they released the names of the

Brioux (right) hamming it up on the set of Vikings DUBLIN, Ireland–Ah, ya can’t beat the luck of the Irish.Or of a small group of Canadian reporters invited to cross the pond to visit the set of Vikings. The big-budget Canada-Ireland co-production is winding down work on its second 10-episode season. Look for these Vikings to

Donal Logue (right) accepts the key to a 2001 Sebring So Donal Logue is bombing along the Trans-Canada highway, heading East from Vancouver to Northern Ontario. This was a couple of years ago. The actor was heading to the set of CBC’s Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town.He was making the drive in two days, this

Donal Logue accepts the key to a 2001 Sebring. Besidesacting and writing, the dude owns his own trucking biz Took a walk back in time Monday and ran into Donal Logue. The Ottawa-born actor was in Toronto where he is shooting Season two of Copper, returning to Showcase and BBC America this fall. We chatted