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How vital a figure was John Logie Baird in the invention of television? It was once quipped in the UK that, in the years since Logie’s work helped make commercial television a reality, “TV had gone from Baird to worse.” Saturday in Toronto, the Scottish-born inventor was saluted at Moses Znaimer’s MZTV Museum where a

Monday was the 45th anniversary of the launch of Sesame Street. It was produced by the Children’s Television Workshop and funded by the U.S. Office of Education, the Ford Foundation and the Canarnegie Corporation. I was already too old to be interested in Sesame Street when it came out. I grew up on wildly diverse

Some people swoon over their first car. They never forget where they drove it, how much it cost, the smell of the interior. Moses Znaimer has that same deep connection to television. Not just the medium, or the ZoomerMedia empire he now runs, but the actual box itself. Znaimer loves TV sets. He has purchased