Gene Simmons


I realize Bill Maher is a polarizing figure. That makes him a lot like many of the politicians he roasts on Real Time with Bill Maher. That doesn’t mean he’s bad television — quite the opposite. Of all the commentators and talk show hosts who were sidelined during the 148 day writers’ strike, his was

CANNES, France–Of course he’s here. Gene Simmons has been working MIPCOM harder than the guys out front of the Palais des Festivals selling umbrellas. The legendary KISS frontman is in his third day of press sessions here promoting Coliseum, a new music talent search show. The series has Simmons judging rock star wannabes. Yes, just

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–Walking out to a blaring KISS anthem, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley woke up Friday’s gathering of TV critics in Los Angeles. “We’re not what you just had here,” understated Stanley. The Halloween rockers followed a rather dry presentation for the Sundance Channel drama “The Honorable Woman” starring Maggie Gyllenghaal. Simmons and Stanley were in what