Jackie Gleason


Tonight on CTV Comedy channel, Corner Gas Animated premieres its very first Christmas episode. “It has that nice, feel-good, Christmas thing that you want to have,” says creator-executive producer Brent Butt. “It warms your cockles, but it also has that Corner Gas snide bent to it.” The episode, titled, “Tinsel-itis,” follows the usual multiple story

Who knew Harpo Marx made a series of TV commercials for Labatt’s beer? That’s just one of the delightful surprises found in The Marx Brothers TV Collection. The collectible gem, graced with a terrific cover illustration by Drew Friedman, is from Shout! Factory and hits the street Tuesday Aug. 12. Order it here from Shout!

NEW YORK–The Big Apple has become one big TV factory. Several network and cable hits are shot in greater New York, including the reason I’m back for the fourth time this year, The Americans. The FX series is heading into a second season and hosting international reporters for cast interviews Thursday. It shoots in Brooklyn,

Last June in Toronto I presented McBride with thefirst “Screenie” Award–before it was invented Way back last June, CTV flew Chi McBride up to Toronto to take part in their press preview for the 2012-13 season. I had ten minutes with him, and it was the best ten minutes of that day. In 20 years,