Jian Ghomeshi


Jian Ghomeshi popped out of his hiding place Wednesday in Toronto and saw his shadow–meaning six more months of intense media coverage. The former CBC Radio host was arrested and charged with four counts of sexual assault. He’s out on $100,000 bail and staying at his moms. Cops and cameras all over the place. Nobody’s

Does comedy really equal tragedy plus time? In the wake of ther Jian Ghomeshi incident, I put that question to several Canadian comedians while working on a feature for The Canadian Press. The story went up on the news wire Monday and you can read it here. It started when I began wondering how This Hour Has

What with traveling and deadlines, it had been a while since I last spoke with Scott Thompson. So last Wednesday, the AM900CHML host finally got my take on the whole Ghomeshi thing. We kick it around. We also discuss a possible prequel to The Sopranos as well as the launch of new digital streaming services in Canada such