ghomeshi-in-courtJian Ghomeshi popped out of his hiding place Wednesday in Toronto and saw his shadow–meaning six more months of intense media coverage. The former CBC Radio host was arrested and charged with four counts of sexual assault. He’s out on $100,000 bail and staying at his moms. Cops and cameras all over the place. Nobody’s been mobbed by the media like that in Toronto since, well, Rob Ford.

CHML AM900 host Scott Thompson gets my reaction to the Ghomeshi bust and asks if I think Bill Cosby might be headed for a similar fate. We slide rapidly into a discussion about the future of the CBC. Hard enough to program a network with budget cuts and Death Stars like Netflix bearing down hard, but to also be putting out major fires left and right inside your own building–yikes. I think there’s a way out of this nightmare for the public broadcaster but it involves pushing the reset button all the way down.

So, yes, two CHML podcasts, back-to-back, all in one week. You can listen in here.

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