Kristin Kreuk


PASADENA, Ca. — Dark dramas and morally ambiguous characters have been pushing the envelope on television since The Sopranos and The Shield. Comedies, too, have never been darker,  including a few being promoted here at the winter TCA press tour. Former Saturday Night Live player Bill Hader, for example, sat before critics Thursday to help showcase Barry,

Kreuk and Ryan; he’s looking less beastly this season I’m not anywhere near The CW’s target demo and have to admit Beauty and the Beast is not normally on my radar. I think if you’re old enough to remember the first one you’re probably disqualified from the current one.I am, however, a fan of Kristin

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–There are times when it seems as if half the actors on American television are Canadians–if not Brits, Aussies or Kiwis. It’s as if Hollywood was trying to address the growing number of Americans in the National Hockey League by allowing more Canadians into Hollywood.Besides the usual suspects such as Tyler Labine (NBC’s notorious

Beauty and the Beast‘s Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan UPDATED WITH CLIP LINKS: The L.A. Complex failed to make the cut as The CW announced its 2012-13 schedule Thursday in New York. Despite underwhelming ratings on MuchMusic in January, there were high hopes for the mid-season replacement series, which depicted young Canadian hopefuls in Hollywood.