Even Kristin Kreuk finds it hard to believe that she has spent half her life working from province to province on various TV sets.

The 38-year-old Vancouver native was just 19 when she began her career on teen dramas such as Edgemont and, as Clark Kent’s love interest Lana Lane, on Smallville. Both were Vancouver productions. A four-year-run on Toronto-lensed Beauty and the Beast came next. Kreuk’s latest is Burden of Truth, which is shot in and around Winnipeg. The fourth season of that law drama, co-starring Peter Mooney, airs Thursday nights on CBC.

It will also return later this year on The CW. Kreuk is probably the only Canadian-born actor to star in three shows shot in three different Canadian cities that all aired on American network television.

Here’s something I didn’t know, however: she almost became half Klingon! In an engaging podcast conversation, Kreuk confides that, just before committing to play crusading lawyer Joanna Chang on Burden, she went after a lead role on a series shot in Toronto — Star Trek: Discovery.

“I auditioned a lot,” says the Vancouver native, who, when she wasn’t studying karate and doing gymnastics, grew up a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.Kreuk also discusses shooting Season 4 of Burden of Truth in and around Winnipeg under strict COVID safety procedures. Catch new episodes Thursdays on CBC.

For the past few years, Kreuk has been working on a Bachelor’s degree in History from Queens University. A history of food is one of her current courses. She’s also binging one of the greatest TV shows ever made. (Hint: it’s 20 years old!) She talks about all of that plus the challenges of shooting this current season on Burden of Truth while paying strict attention to COVID safety measures.


Follow this link to the brioux.tv podcast episode featuring Kirstin Kreuk.

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