Michael Douglas


Sunday’s 76th Annual Golden Globes was truly a star-studded affair. Too bad the opening monologue was such a bust. Co-hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh (above) walked on stage at the Beverly Hilton and performed  what seemed like the worst Saturday Night Live sketch ever. Smug irony just doesn’t sell anymore in 2019, not with

My favourite new show of the past year stars one actor in their seventies and one in their eighties. No, not Grace and Frankie (although that would qualify; Lily Tomlin is 79 and Jane Fonda is 81). I’m talking about The Kominsky Method, a lovely late-in-the-year surprise from Netflix. All eight episodes are currently available

Damon and Douglas Michael Douglas does a great job of imitating Liberace in Behind the Candelabra (Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO and HBO Canada). Not just Lee’s nasal-y voice or his flamboyant mannerisms, but at the keyboard. Douglas’ fakes a mean boogie-woogie. The TV-movie does a great job re-creating the excesses of Libaraces Vegas