House welcomed MVP to Tuesdays with a stiff bodycheck to the boards.

In its new days and date premiere, the sexy prime time soap about the “secret lives of hockey wives” netted only 249,000 viewers. That almost exactly what it was getting on Fridays before CBC flipped it with lower rated rookie jPod.

The problem is that the CBC drama has gone from TV’s deadest night to one of its most competitive. A new episode of Global’s red hot House crushed MVP at 9 p.m., drawing an estimated 2,017,000 viewers. Over at CTV, Law & Order gobbled up another 1,115,000.

MVP may have an easier go of it next week with House back in reruns. The problem for MVP this week is that it retained so little of its strong CBC lead. The Rick Mercer Report (970,000) and This Hour Has 22 Minutes (742,000) scored typically solid ratings, especially up against CTV powerhouse American Idol (the night’s overall winner with 2,407,000 viewers).
MVP could never find the flow on Fridays, either. Last Friday it sank to 222,000 viewers despite solid leads (Air Farce Live: 704,000; Rick Mercer repeat, 713,000) and a strong lead out (The National News at 746,000).

Over at Global at 10 last night, The Guard was good for 606,000. That’s a decent, steady number for a domestic drama but a big drop off from that huge House lead-in.


  1. MVP is just not that good. They spent a fortune on production and advertising and should have spent more on writing, and better actors.

  2. Yes, the CBC did spend a fortune on the advertising for MVP. Which advertising and communications companies have been awarded the contracts to promote the CBC’s lineup and what is their connection to the liberal party?

  3. and what is their connection to the liberal party? lol, now that’s funny!

  4. Trudeau’s old press secretary. yeah, it reeks of conspiracy!!
    Please, this is a tv site not a Conservative fan site.

  5. Publicity used to cost the CBC $800,000 per year when it was done internally – the cost has more than tripled and the contract has been awarded to a high ranking liberal with ties to the current CBC VP. That sounds like racketeering and money laundering. Does Gomery ring a bell?

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