Wednesdays CBC numbers: Little Mosque 776,000, new ABC Family pickup Sophie 545,000, fifth estate 671,000.

CTV, of course, remains dominant: American Idol drew 2,682,000, The Moment of Truth, 1,478,000, CSI: New York 1,762,000. CSI: NY, in fact, does better in Canada than in the U.S., where it is down 30% year to year in the overnights according to Marc Berman at the Programming Insider.

The story in Canada, however, is Global, who doesn’t got it, dropping to third for the night with anemic ratings for back-to-back replacement shows Family Guy at 8 (272,000 and 313,000) and another tired Blockbuster rental, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (421,000). This coasting through the strike strategy doesn’t appear to be working. Beyond House, Global is a house divided, and that last new episode aired Tuesday. “Goldman Sachs on line three?? Tell them I’m out!”

Suggestion: If CBC wants to score with MVP, flip it to Wednesdays at 9. At this point, why not?


  1. I have a suggestion for the new CBC President Hubert Lacroix. Fire VP Dick Stursberg and give the job to Bill Brioux. The CBC has failed miserably under Stursberg’s leadership and Brioux knows far too much about the machinations of Canada’s cultural industries – this is a change that is long overdue.

  2. Ahhh indeed, Little Mosk settling in quite nicely with it’s little audience, should top(bottom)out at 200k – 300k share by season’s end…and the ol’mothercorp plods on…yeeeesh.

  3. cultural wasteland Reply

    Why are Canadians spending billions on programming that nobody watches?

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