Ever notice how Canadian TV overnights take several overnights? Should they call them “Over a couple of nights?” Monday’s BBM/NMR estimates show The Border drew 548,000, up a bit from last week. The Week The Women Went went way up, to 929,000. Degrassi: 426,000. Corner Gas: 1,286,000.

Tuesday, MVP continues to skate into the boards for CBC, with just 278,000 tuning in. The Guard managed 504,000 on Global. CBC’s back-to-back comedies Rick Mercer and This Hour Has 22 Minutes clocked 856,000 and 748,000 respectively. Tuesdays big draw, of course, was CTV’s simulcast of American Idol, with 2,193,000 viewers–huge but not as crazy huge as in season’s past.

Before you ask, the show I keep forgetting–Heartland–drew 509,000 CBC viewers Sunday.


  1. jPod scored 331,000 viewers its first Friday, which is better than what MVP was getting in that timeslot. Don’t have last Friday’s numbers handy–if someone else does, please post.

  2. last night’s (wednesdays) should be out this afternoon at 4:00 pm

    jpod did 308 last friday.

  3. Where are these “overnight” figures available? Are they free for the taking somewhere online, or are they only for registered users of some sort? All I can ever find are weekly top 20s for two weeks prior…

  4. No you can’t find them anywhere online. They’re not released to the public. They’re a proprietary service that the networks subscribe to.

    In the USA they release a limited but still more expansive series of numbers of each night’s network schedule. But there’s a lot more data, broken down by demos and cities and such that you don’t get to see.

    In Canada, because generally the numbers are so poorly understood and abused by people with various agendas — the networks try to keep ’em tightly to their chests.

    As you’ve stated, the only thing that really gets released regularly are the top 20 Canadian programs.

    You can see conspiracy in it if you want. But the reality is that you don’t really have any intrinsic “right” to the numbers.

    Bill and anyone who posts numbers here get them the same way I do, from people inside various networks with access to the whole magilla.

  5. Little mosk has dipped below a mil.?…time to rent more camels and hand-out the shwrama?…the state-run propaganda poster-child of political correctness gone mad is on it’s way to the dumpster…mercifully this madness will soon end.

  6. lol, are you kidding. Little Mosque has been sold around the world, and CBC would not cancel a show doing 900, even 600.

  7. Yeah, I realize that but one can hope that horrid trash ends up in the dumper.

  8. See kids, that’s what Anonymouse credibility buys.

    Headline in week 2 of Mosque:
    “audience goes from 2 million to 1”

    The negative hallelujah chorus:

    “ha ha good it will be canceled soon.”

    They hire new writers to make it better,

    chorus say: “it sucks it will be canceled soon”

    Ratings dip to the 500s and 600s in the fall… “ha ha it will be canceled soon”

    People tune in, realize it actually IS funny, and ratings steadily climb so that it’s back to what its stable audience was in s1, the only show within spitting distance of Sir Richard’s million mark of quality,

    chorus: ha ha, blah blah, cancellation is just around the…

    I mean — cred for the anonymouse is thin gruel to begin with. But seriously… there it is, kids — all opinions not created equal.

    Sweep the trolls out, Brioux! Dare!

  9. dmc clambers up on his highstool and exalts…

    “Sweep the trolls out, Brioux! Dare!”

    you gotta be a cbcer pal…or a fascist…silly me, you’re both.

    you got some stones buddy, don’t like what you read on someone’s site and demand “Sweep the trolls out”…unfrigginbelievable but yet coming from a cbcer…par.

  10. Squeak squeak little mousie.
    Actually, I’m self employed my dear heart. And as a Torontonian, I pay hugely disproportionately huge taxes so you can whinge and moan, alone and afraid to sign your name. Squeak impotent one, squeak.

  11. Ohhhh!…awwwww!…squeak…look at dmc, he pays “huge taxes”, what the hell that has to do with the price of shit in China or being a cbcer is beyond me…I certainly hope cbcers pay taxes…you people aren’t that “SPECIAL” or are you?

    squeak…Sweep that huge tax paying dmc guy outta here! Brioux!

    that sounds sooo silly but for a cbcer…they like “that.”

  12. So many bridges for a good little troll to live under in Alberta.

    sad. wittle. mouse.

  13. Thanks so much for that! And I’m happy that you gave us the ratings for Heartland too…I was curious about it as I watch it and love it. It’s too bad MVP got such palour ratings. I thought for sure from the promo given it earlier this season that it would have been knocked out of the park. I wonder if it’s a result of starting on Fridays and now being swallowed by Idol or something else. I like MVP so the numbers disappoint me. As for the Guardian, another show I like–it’s gone down in numbers but seems to have stabilized and as it’s over the half-mil mark it’s doing way better then last season’s Falcon Beach, thanks I think to its good timeslot. And I’m glad to see The Border did a little bit better, although I admit my interest has been waning (I had hoped that it would be more character-driven rather than the stand-alone stories we’ve been getting). Degrassi’s down in numbers this year (it was getting an average of 700,000 viewers an episode last year) but oh well, I’ve heard a ton of “youth” are watching it online which is what the network wants. Anyone have any idea how Murdoch Mysteries is doing?

  14. Dmc

    Why is it you automatically assume the anonymous person was Albertan? What do you have against Albertans anyway? I personally love Albertans as almost everyone I know has moved to Alberta.

    By the way, I wasn’t the anonymous one, just thought you should know.

    I think the anonymous person is a turd but don’t jump to the conclusion he (or she–no its likely a he) is Albertan. Por favour.

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