A good sign for Ron James heading into his series debut: a rerun of one of his stand up comedy specials scored 919,000 viewers last Friday on CBC (according to BBM Canada overnight estimates).
That’s in the same slot where The Ron James Show will premiere Sept. 25.
The number, tops in its timeslot, was gathered under the new Arbitron Portable People Meter (PPM) technology, which BBM started using Aug. 31. It has replaced the old diary and electronic ratings gathering methods.
It sometimes seems to find more viewers–at a time when Canadian networks, hammered by the downturn in the economy and decline in ad revenue, can really use a little good news.
Other Canadian numbers from the long weekend: CTV’s Defying Gravity scored 698,000 viewers Friday night. CTV’s local Evening News continues to score big numbers, drawing 1,238,000 viewers Sunday night at 6. Global counted 857,000 for Big Brother‘s Sunday 10 p.m. outing.

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