The new PPMs are boldly driving some specialty channel numbers straight into orbit. Space saw a huge liftoff for the brand new Stargate Universe which rocketed to 565,000 viewers Friday at 10 according to BBM Canada overnight estimates. That makes if Space’s highest-rated single episode of anything, ever.
The shot-in-Vancouver space drama, which boasts Robert Carlyle, Ming-Na, Lou Diamond Phillips and Justin Louis among its cast–also soared Stateside, drawing 2.35 million viewers Friday on NBC-owned Syfy–besting shows like Fox drama Dollhouse (2.1 million) in the timeslot.
The same night, in a galaxy not so far away, Teletoon scored 441,000 total viewers for the season two premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The Lucasfilm animated series was a savvy pick up for Teletoon, which drew far more Clone War viewers Friday than CTV averaged last season on Sundays in Canada.
Teletoon is also scoring out of this world audiences for its Saturday Big Ticket Movies. Scooby-Doo The Mystery Begins scored 844,000 viewers Sept. 26, besting anything but sports anywhere else on Canadian screens that night among 18-49s. Ratsa rota ratings!


  1. Teletoon promoted the Clone Wars season two premiere by pre-empting its superhero block for a Clone Wars marathon. I’m not surprised Teletoon’s had success with the show.

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