Holy crap–did everybody in Canada just suddenly decide to start watching television again? Those amazing Portable People Meters spiked ratings again Monday night with Global’s House tops overall with 3,407,000 viewers according to BBM Canada overnight estimates. Other biggies: CTV’s Dancing with the Stars performance show 2,148,000, CSI: Miami 2,251,000, CTV National News at 11 1,159,000.
CBC’s Battle of the Blades drew 1,071,000 for Monday’s first elimination skate off, which saw Bob Probert get knocked out. Little Mosque got no lift, falling down to 534,000 at 8:30. Just Four Laughs gala got 420,000. The National drew 632,000 at 10 and 449,000 at 10:25.
Global’s Lie To Me soared to 1,928,000 after House. Heroes, dying in the States, held on to 851,000 in Canada.


  1. Wow some of these numbers, particularly House for example, are huge. I wonder if there is a general formula to calculate the effect the PPM is having. I realize it doesn’t hit everything equally, sporting and other big events seem to be gaining, but the jump in some shows, like House (which seems to have gained a million + viewers) has been pretty remarkable.

  2. I wonder how much the PPM numbers are inflating Little Mosque on the Prairie. It doesn’t seem like Little Mosque is doing very well, hovering around 500,000-600,000 viewers. That show is becoming this year’s Sophie.

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