The 2009-2010 season may be remembered as the years comedy came back. Three sitcoms, The Big Bang Theory (No. 3 overall), The Office and Two and a Half Men were in the U.S. Top 10 last week among 18-49-year-olds. Eleven of the Top 20 18-49 were comedies, including old favourites Family Guy and The Simpsons and newcomers Modern Family, Cougar Town and Glee.
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One comedy in the US Top 20 airs tonight and with a Canadian twist: How I Met Your Mother. Tonight’s episode finds Neil Patrick Harris and Coby Smulders at, of all places, Tim Hortons. Smothers, a Vancouver native, knows her Timbits. The episode is about how Barney (Harris) wants Robin (Smulders) to become an American citizen but she can’t let go of her Canadian heritage. It is also about how product placement is taking over prime time television. Tune in tonight (8/7c on CBS and Citytv) to see if they stop by Canadian Tire.

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  1. While I liked the HIMYM sitcom during its first season, I thought this episode was predictably lame.
    The lack of a skyline backdrop for Toronto yet one for Chicago was odd – almost funny perhaps until the unmatching secondary plot’s Chicago shot appeared. The bar singing of the anthem instead of paying for any old Cancon song felt cheap (and most lame). The “strange money joke” were/was repetitive. And an ironic “her boyfriend” line towards NPH’s Barney character in the Toronto donutshop was simply missing.

    And here I thought product placement during the O’Brien Tonight Show was bad.

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