CBC News’ all new The National drew 704,000 viewers Monday at 10 p.m., slipping to 573,000 at the 10:25 mark. (All numbers BBM Canada overnight estimates). A lift over the Sept/Oct news numbers absolutely but at a cost of about $1o,000 a viewer given Monday’s aggressive media blitz. CTV National News pulled 1,194,000 viewers at 11 p.m. Global National did 1,119,000 at 5:30 p.m.
UPDATE–OTHER MONDAY NIGHT NUMBERS: CTV’s Dancing with the Stars performance show was the night’s highest-rated hit, drawing close to 2 million viewers. Global’s Lie to Me was next with 1,845,000, topping a rerun of House (already?) at 1,737,000. A CSI: Miami repeat drew 1,703,000, with the CTV local supper hour Evening News pulling in 1,652,000 across Canada.
The Battle of the Blades results show topped all CBC offerings with 1,304,000 viewers. A channel’s strong Monday night performer Two and a Half Men did 827,000. Discovery cracked the night’s Top 15 with the premiere of another season of Canada’s Worst Driver, clocking in at 730,000. Little Mosque did a 668,000, right between the numbers for CTV afternoon offerings Oprah and Dr. Phil. TSN tackled 579,000 with Monday Night Football. Finally PPM favourite iCarly topped YTV shows with 555,000.

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  1. Hi Bill:
    I think Fox had a special launch of So you think you Can Dance, so there was no ep. for Global to simulcast. I think next week might be a rerun of House as well, or a World Series game, not sure.

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