Another big weekend for Canadian television with three homegrown non-news shows drawing over a million-and-a-half viewers each. The big winner as usual was CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, which scored a hefty 2,453,000 Saturday night for a classic Toronto/Montreal tilt (the Canadiens’ retro striped pyjama look tested Hi-Def sets everywhere). CTV’s Friday night winner Flashpoint picked off another 1,870,000 according to BBM Canada overnight estimates (“commercial” data). Battle of the Blades (featuring bladed Blues Brothers Ron MacLean and Kurt Browning, above) landed 1,618,000 Sunday night for CBC.

CBC’s Sunday night family drama Heartland, featuring Amber Marshall and Spartan, left, had another near million night, drawing 932,000.
Seven Canadian newscasts also topped the million mark, six CTV and one Global, with CTV’s Friday night local Evening News drawing 1,607,000 viewers.
CBC’s new National newscast finished its first week on a down note (typical for Friday), with 492,000 at 10 and 487,000 at 10:25.

CBC Friday night laffer The Ron James Show did 554,000 at 8. TSN scored 504,000 the same night for a Friday CFL football game. CTV’s Friday night torch relay infomercial drew 441,000.

The weekend’s biggest overall draw, edging HNiC, was The Amazing Race, still amazing at 2,575,000 viewers. Desperate Housewives nabbed 1,928,000 Sunday at 9. Sportsnet scored 841,000 for its Sunday night World Series coverage. Family’s Sunday morning Disney sitcoms Wizards of Waverly Place and Sonny with a Chance did 691,000 and 684,000. Wizards did even better Friday night, 717,000!


Beyond its newscast, the top weekend draw for Global was Friday’s Numb3rs which fetched 894,000. The Sunday movie Into the Wild Green Yonder bumped The Simpsons but still drew 737,000. Friday’s forgotten CanCon drama The Guard stranded 244,000. Citytv’s Sunday night topper was Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which nailed 808,000 viewers.

Friday night Space dramas Stargate Universe and Sanctuary did 309,000 and 133,000. Another 864,000 did the time warp with CTV’s Saturday night Halloween feature, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


  1. Thank you very much for providing the figures for Sanctuary and Stargate, I guess I follow niche shows. I’m actually following Santuary’s performance in a few countries and am really interested in how it is doing in it’s home country.

    If it’s not too much trouble could you check last weeks figure for Sanctuary because it made a big jump from 118,000 to 230,000 to 133,000. Also do you have the figure for Sanctuary’s premiere on the 9th October?

  2. Sanctuary did 192,000 on its Oct. 9 premiere, with 105,000 of those viewers in the 18-49-year-old range. More women than men watched, 102,000 to 90,000.
    That same night, Stargate Universe did a robust 557.000, drawing more men (297,000) than women (213,000)

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