Global had to be glad to see Dr. House back with a new episode Monday. Fox’s World Series coverage grounded House for a few weeks. Monday’s fresh episode drew 3,160,000 viewers according to BBM Canada overnight estimates.
Other Monday winners: CTV;s CSI: Miami drew 2,828,000. Dancing with the Stars waltzed off with 2,186,000. It was another strong Monday for the CTV Evening news, scoring 1,856,000. Global rookie import Lie To Me did 1,773,000.
The two private national newscasts had big nights: Global did 1,460,000 at 5:30; CTV did 1,383,000 at 11. CBC’s fancy new National newscast is still way back at 545,000 at 10 and 419,000 at 10:25.
A channel’s top Monday draw was Two and a Half Men at 1,176,000. CBC’s Battle of the Blades unusual non-results show scored 1,069,000. Citytv’s top pick was How I Met Your Mother at 749,000. TSN did 685,000 with its Monday Night Football tilt featuring the Steelers and the Broncos. 603,000 steered over to Discovery for Canada’s Worst Driver.
Little Mosque did 520,000. Just Four Laughs 480,000. The Hour: 142,000.

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