Fire up the Tiki torch and pass the Doritos. When BBM Canada sent out their weekly Top-30 ratings Friday, there at the very top of the most-watched shows in all of Canada the week of Nov. 2-8 stood Survivor: Samoa.
Think of it: the granddaddy of the reality shows, in its 10th year, heading into its 20th edition, leads all shows in Canada. Props to Probst, kudos to Mark Burnett. That is some kind of achievement.
Global’s Survivor: Samoa edged out CTV’s Grey’s Anatomy that first week of November 3,048,000 to 2,909,000. Another reality evergreen, especially in Canada, stood third: The Amazing Race, clocking in at 2,763,000.
The results were flipped this Thursday night as Grey’s (3,026,000) topped Survivor (2,916,000) in BBM Canada’s overnight estimates. Still, the new PPM numbers which have been in effect since the start of September seem to have reignited Survivor, one of those event reality shows getting a bit of a lift these days.
Other numbers from this Thursday in Canada: CSI, which concluded a three crime story crossover, drew 2,558,000. The Mentalist conjured up 2,403,000. The red hot CTV Evening News did 1,644,000. CTV National News was right behind at 1,385,000. Jeopardy! topped all CBC offerings at what is 1,183,000. Global National counted 1,043,000 and CTV’s The Vampire Diaries drew 1,028,000.
Further down was CBC’s The Border, up week-to-week at least with 503,000. The third-year drama seemed to benefit from a stronger than usual Doc Zone score, with 631,000 curious to find out what will happen “After Elizabeth.” The National did 553,000 at 10 and 405,000 at 10:25. George’s show kicked in another 121,000 at 11.

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