The November “sweeps” were over by Thursday night, with reruns and lower viewing levels the result. One of those filler episodes of Survivor (with host Jeff Probst, right) took the night with an overnight, estimated audience of 1,861,000 according to BBM Canada. The ever strong CTV supper hour Evening News was next nationally at 1,778,000, followed by reruns of The Mentalist (1,508,000) and CSI (1,465,000) on CTV. Grey’s Anatomy had the night off (CTV ran The Vampire Diaries at 8, drawing a relatively anemic 615,000), which was good news for CBC’s The Border, which stood at 648,000. A Doc Zone on carbon hunters coughed up 370,000. A TSN hockey game scored 550,000.
The U.S. Thanksgiving holiday added NFL football to the sked, with Sportsnet (450,000 at 8 p.m.) and City (422,000 at 4:15 p.m.) picking up yards.
The news race: CTV at 11 1,168,000, Global at 5:30 981,000, CBC at 10/10:25 (against less formidable programming competition) 577,000/531,000.

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