With all this Globe hopping (barely back from Buenos Aires, today I’m off to Budapest), TVFMF is way behind in the podcast posting. Here are a couple of recent radio chats. First up is last week’s yakkity-yak with CHML’s Scott Thompson. We talk about the death of “Mr. C” Tom Bosley and my recent trip to Los Angeles to the sets of Undercovers and The Event, two Citytv pickups struggling to break through this season. (Another one bit the dust yesterday with the cancellation of ABC’s The Whole Truth with Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney). You can listen in here.

 Lima, Ohio, morning man Mike Miller over at WIMA also asked about my set visit to Undercovers. He wanted to know what the vibe was like on the set of a show that is “on the bubble.” Told him star Boris Kodjoe was frustrated more people weren’t watching so far but determined to keep promoting his spy series in hopes it can land a full season pickup. You can listen in here.

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