BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA–A tour of the famed Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires brings tourists to the tomb of famed national heroine Evita Peron. A cemetery seems like an unlikely tourist attraction, but Ricoleta, which is mobbed by tourists on the weekends and ringed by colourful market stalls, is right up there with Tango shows and Gaucho parties. There’s even a guy dressed up as death haunting the entranceway, looking for spare pesos. Row upon row of giant marble mausoleums contain the crypts of Argentinian generals, political leaders and other dignitaries. It is a sombre place, even though people are just dying to get in there.
Speaking of regimes coming to an end, back home in Toronto, it didn’t take long for the cable barrons at Shaw to show their newly indentured Global employees that big changes are in store. The Canwest logo–which frankly always looked like a broken rubics cube to me–has already been ripped off the front of 121 Bloor Street East. Don’t cry for me Asper-tina!

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