Once again, the big CTV marketing machine jacked a show over the two million mark in Canada. Too bad it was on Global.
CTV`s record Super Bowl audience was hit with dozens of Fox network nods to their after-the-game goodie, a supersized Glee episode. CTV`s attempts to get viewers to stick around for Flashpoint after the game fizzled, leaving one to wonder how many Canadians watch the game on the Fox feed–and leave it there rather than flip the channel. Or maybe Sue Sylvester and her Cheerios cannon was just a bigger draw than Flashpoint guest star Victor Garber. Say, isn’t he also Mr. Shue’s dad on Glee?
CTV, which has locked up rights to the next three Super Bowls, must be glad the game is not on Fox (Global’s steady supplier) again until 2014.
Here’s how the numbers stacked up the week of January 31 to February 6 in Canada according to overnight, 2+ audience estimates:


It’s not going to get any easier for CBC on Mondays. Little Mosque (487,000), 18 to Life (289,000) and Village on a Diet (380,000) are slipping to season lows before heading up against stiff import competition during the February sweeps.
On the other hand, CTV’s Monday night lineup seems far from settled. Hot in Cleveland, which is hot in Canada (1,950,000), makes way for the new comedy Mad Love next week. S#*! My Dad Says (1,514,000), which has done better in Canada all year, was a fill-in this week and airs its early season finale on CBS in mid-February. It is not a cinch to come back. Two and a Half Men (1,968,000) is a draw no matter where CTV puts it, although Charlie Sheen’s latest rehab stint leaves just one more new episode in the can. Mike & Molly (1.373.000) is no Big Bang Theory. A rerun of Castle (1,240,000) closed the night for CTV. Matthew Perry’s new ABC sitcom Mr. Sunshine premiered on CTV (out of simulcast) last night.
Without House, Global ran a repeat of Lie to Me (501,000) leading into a new episode (1,221,000). Hawaii FIVE-O did 1.1 million.


NCIS was a huge draw Tuesday night on Global, with 2,240,000 overnight, estimated viewers. Mark Harmon has quietly become the top draw on CBS deep into an eighth season of this series. Global’s big Tuesday continued with NCIS: Los Angeles (1,811,000) and The Good Wife (1,230,000).
CTV was quieter than usual with reruns of No Ordinary Family (558,000) and Law & Order: SVU (855,000). Flashpoint at 10 drew 1,317,000, about what it does Sunday after the Super Bowl.
CBC went 825,000 for a repeat of Mercer followed by Insecurity (463,000) and Pillars of the Earth (643,000).
Rogers Sportsnet has a big night nationally with Hometeam Hockey (1,352,000). Criminal Minds drew 516,000 over to /A; City gained 760,000 with The Biggest Loser.



A one-hour American Idol stayed rock solid with 3,137,000 overnight, estimated viewers on CTV. Criminal Minds (1,742,000) and Blue Bloods (1,576,000) followed.
CBC got off to a roaring start with Dragon`s Den (1,904,000) followed by a rebounding Republic of Doyle (899,000). Global had a quiet night with back-to-back episodes of Raising Hope both under 300,000 and Glee rerun clocking 458,000. New drama Off the Map was located by 1,087,000 at 10.
/A scored 684,000 with Human Target. City managed 652,000 with Modern Family and 543,000 with Cougar Town. IRT: Deadliest Roads (699,000) beat them all over at History.


With everything back as new episodes as the February sweeps commenced, CTV had a huge night. Big Bang Theory came close to 3.2 million, followed by S/*! My Dad Says (2,220,000), the return of Grey`s Anatomy (2,337,000) and The Mentalist (2,522,000).
Scores over at Global were less robust. Wipeout did 887,000, followed by old reliable Bones (1,482,000). The Office (393,000) and Outsourced (494,000) kept the lights on at 10.
/A had a big night thanks to the American Idol results show (1,427,000), followed by (386,000) and Private Practice (554,000). Carolina at Toronto drew 847,000 to TSN. CBC zagged with a Grizzly edition of The Nature of Things (585,000) and Doc Zone (394,000).


CTV wins the night as usual with The Defenders (1,294,000), relocated CSI Miami (1,131,000) and a huge CSI New York (2,055,000). CBC has to be happy about Marketplace (908,000) and big numbers for a Rick Mercer repeat (728,000). Fifth Estate followed with 481,000. Global also airs television programs on Fridays.


Hockey Night in Canada did 1,775,000 for Game One and 779,000 for Game Two. Saturday Night Live clocked 437,000 on Global.


The Super Bowl was super big, with an overnight, estimated average audience of 6,537,000 on CTV plus 754,000 on RDS adding up to 7.3 million viewers in Canada, the largest audience since the Olympics. Last year`s final combined audience number was 6.9 million.
Still, Global was the big winner with their post-Super Bowl Fox follow-up Glee, which drew 2,161,000 starting at 10:38 p.m. ET. That`s about four times what the network normally gets from Brothers & Sisters at that hour. CTV had less luck getting viewers to stick around for the mid-season finale of Flashpoint, which drew 1,317,000 starting at 10:19 p.m. ET.
CBC sat out the Super Bowl with Heartland (549,000) and a movie (552,000).


  1. I love your blog! I worked on InSecurity so I find I follow your blog religiously to see how it’s doing in the ratings. I find all your insights and information fascinating and I love getting a glimpse into our homegrown viewing patterns.

  2. There were three games on HNIC Saturday. Is game 1 the Rangers at Habs with game 2 being three split games and game 3 the Kings at Flames?

  3. The only thing better then living in America would be to live in Canada. Canadians are the only ones to recognize “FLASHPOINT” the TV show is not only one of the best shows to come along in a long time but with it’s expert writing and the superb cast, especially Hugh Dillon, it’s actually the best show right together with Durham County. Oh, if only Americans were as smart as Canadians.

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