Tempus fugit, as my dad used to say. News of the passing of Olivia Newton-John has me thinking of how time does fly. The British-born, Australian-raised songstress was a big star back when I was in high school, with a string of easy listening hits including “I Honestly Love You,” “Please Mister Please,” and “Have

When I ran into the lovely Jessalyn Gilsig at the TCA press tour in January she couldn’t tell me much about Season Three of Vikings, which just began a few weeks ago. The writer-creator of the show, Michael Hirst, was standing a few meters away and he likes to keep his surprises a secret. What

The other day, somebody asked me what I thought about shomi. First thing that popped into my head: that sexy Showcase series starring Rachael Crawford that aired a decade ago. No, that was called Show Me Yours. Maybe they were just wishing me a Happy New Year. (Shana Tova?) Then it clicked. That new Shaw/Rogers

With the Olympics done like borscht, the real TV Games have begun. This week, several new and returning shows aired series as well as season premiere episodes. Here is a sampling. (Keep in mind as we move deeper into the PVR, Live+7 era these estimated, overnight numbers are a bit like reporting only the first two

Thursday’s tribute to Cory Monteith was, as expected, a weepy one. To their credit, Fox did not overly exploit the hour. No advance screener was sent to critics. Calls to interview executive producer Ryan Murphy or others were ignored. The episode, titled “The Quarterback,” was allowed to speak for itself.There was no breaking of the

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly came out swinging at Thursday’s TCA press tour, with charts and graphs showing his network hasn’t slipped as far as CBS CEO Leslie Moonves suggests.Moonves was here a few days ago and dissed Fox, saying he always knew those years of A18-49 dominance would end once “Idol crashed”

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–Mike O’Malley was at the TCA press tour Saturday morning to help promote his new NBC comedy, Welcome to the Family.O’Malley, however, was quickly asked about a lost member of his Glee family–Corey Monteith.O’Malley–back playing a dad on his new series–began by praising Monteith as a “very hard  working actor.” He often found

I’m on various CBC Radio One stations today talking about Cory Monteith, found dead in a Vancouver hotel room Saturday. An autopsy is scheduled to be performed this week, and then hopefully the cause of death will be determined, but there is much speculation that Monteith’s drug addiction demons caught up with him.One point I’m