BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–Mike O’Malley was at the TCA press tour Saturday morning to help promote his new NBC comedy, Welcome to the Family.
O’Malley, however, was quickly asked about a lost member of his Glee family–Corey Monteith.
O’Malley–back playing a dad on his new series–began by praising Monteith as a “very hard  working actor.” He often found himself acting opposite Monteith.
The toughest scene he’s ever played was having to kick Monteith’s character Finn out of the house. O’Malley praised “the depth of emotion he was able to portray–the sorrow and the shame.”
He also saluted Monteith as a leader, always making newcomers feel welcome. “He was the fictional quarterback on the show and he was the real quarterback on the set.”
“He was a great guy,” said O’Malley, “and I miss him very much.”

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