Who did CHML’s Scott Thompson want to talk about this week? Yes, rehab breath, Charlie Sheen. Scott asks if I’ve ever partied with The Sheen and the surprise answer is yes. Well, kinda.
Like with 200 other TV critics. I’ve been to several CBS press tour parties where Sheen has been dragged out to promote Two and a Half Men.
On some occasions he’s been a prince. Get Sheen talking baseball and in particular the Blue Jays (he had a window on the Jays one summer when he stayed at the Skydome hotel while shooting a movie) and it is like talking to a scout. Other times, he can barely keep his eye off the exit.

I tell Scott about my favourite encounter with Sheen–at centre field at the Orange Bowl in Pasadena. That’s where CBS threw one of the best press tour party ever. Sheen was in a good mood and I asked him to confirm a story his old pal Danny Bonaduce had told a couple of days earlier. It involved their other old pal, Kiefer Sutherland. One of them was working off a probation by picking up trash on the side of a freeway. Hint: it wasn’t Bonaduce. For the full story, listen to Part One of today’s radio chat here.
We kept talking, moving on to the super dull Academy Awards, hitting on Franco’s barely there job as co-host. Then Scott lights the carriage fee fuse and I get Sheen crazy. You can listen to that end of the conversation here.

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