Dan For Mayor’s Fred Ewanuick

How’s this summer launch strategy working for Canadian shows? Results are mixed so far. The return of two home grown CTV comedies for a second season brought few surprises, with Hiccups ( 574,000) and Dan For Mayor (547,000 Sunday at 7:30) coming back right around where they left off a year ago in terms of overnight, estimated viewing numbers. Measured against lower summer viewing levels, and considering they were both off the air for a year, the numbers aren’t bad. Dan For Mayor actually beat City (America’s Got Talent, 474,000), Global (Bob’s Burgers, 352,000) and CBC (a rerun of Heartland, 240,000) in the timeslot.
On Showcase, two brand new comedies had modest debuts. Almost Heroes (42,000), starring and Single White Spenny (44,000) from 9 to 10 p.m. kept pace with repeats of Curb Your Enthusiasm (44,000) and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (45,000) from 10 to 11p.m.

Almost Heroes stars Ryan Belleville and Paul Campbell

The Belleville brothers’ comic book store comedy Almost Heroes went up to 43,000 on a repeat showing at 11 while Spenny, featuring former Kenny vs. Spenny combatant Spencer Rice, jumped to 63,000 at 11:30.
Also premiering last Thursday June 2 was the new History Television offering Dust Up. The reality show about daredevil Saskatchewan crop dusters soared to 297,000 and 301,000 in back-to-back take offs. Canada seems to love wing nuts, especially Ice Pilots and crop dusters.

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