This week, Scott Thompson starts off by pointing out that there are two things I hate talking about: award shows and Charlie Sheen. Then has asks me for the umpteenth time about Charlie Sheen!
Word is Two and a Half Men executive producer Chuck Lorre will explain Sheen’s absense next season by killing off the character. Of course he is! The only way Lorre would continue cranking out more episodes of this series would be if he could get some satisfaction that Sheen could never ever set foot again on his set. Except he could still come back as a ghost, or in flashbacks, or in some sort of “all a dream” storyline. Sheen’s supposed to get his own series, so maybe he can kill off a character on that one named Chuck Lorre.
Scott also asks about Game of Thrones, says he hears it’s pretty good. HBO has renewed it for a second season. I ramble on about how these sword and sandal epics are made possible thanks to international co-production money and technological advances. An army of thousands is really 45 Hungarians standing in a field. Later, in post, CGI effects make them look like 45 thousand. If you only half listen it will sound like I actually  watch the series. He also asks about the new Steven Spielberg drama Fallen Skies starring Noah Wyle (ER). Much of it was shot in Hamilton, which is where Chuck Lorre would like to shoot Charlie Sheen.
You can listen in here.

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