August 3, 2011 – CBC Television received ringing industry endorsement this morning for its continued contribution to quality Canadian programming, garnering more than eleventy billion-million nominations from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television’s 26th Annual Gemini Awards.
Among the ringing accolades for the public broadcaster were six nominations for every vowel in Stroumboulopoulos and the only nomination for Best Theme Song Poached by Another Network (Hockey Night in Canada). CBC also swept the Best Performance or Host or Whatever in a Variety Program or Series (Individual or Ensemble) or Whatever Where Skates are Worn on Both Feet (or one Foot) or Wherever: Shae-Lynn Bourne, Patrice Brisebois, Battle of the Blades; Ron MacLean, Kurt Browning, Battle of the Blades; Rex Murphy, The National.
Also singled out was whoever it is who hosts CBC’s afternoon cooking show in the Best Host or Attempted Host in a Afternoon Cooking Show or Something to do with Cooking You Know The Show We Can’t Remember the Name Of it’s not Steven and Chris it’s the Other One.
“CBC Television would like to extend our deepest regrets to the two employees not nominated this year,” said Kirstine Stewart, Executive Vice-President, English Services. “These exclusions are being addressed and next year the Academy has promised to reinstate the Best Whatever we Left Out in All the Other Categories category.”
The 26th Annual Gemini Awards will be broadcast on CBC over 56 consecutive nights beginning September 7, 2011 at 8:00 pm, live from the CBC Broadcast Center in Toronto.

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