Left to right: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

DAWSON CITY, YUKON–You’ve heard of blog gold–but blog gold teeth? Even I couldn’t stand to see my smile after Deb in makeup dabbed gold goo on my uppers and lowers, It was all part of my transformation into “Miner No. 7” on Murdoch Mysteries, a shot-in-Toronto series which has hit the road to Dawson City this week for an upcoming gold rush episode.
It’s all part of a historically-based 1899 storyline penned by executive producer Peter Mitchell. Joining series lead Yanick Bisson on the muddy streets of Dawson City is Aaron Ashmore as Klondike author Jack London.
That’s me (far left) and my miner peeps in the above photo, three locals who answered the call for extras on the two day shoot. Wrangling background talent proved to be quite a challenge for the casting director. Hard to find extras when there is zero unemployment in this picturesque mining town as gold climbs closer to two thousand dollars an ounce.
Besides the dirty tobacco mouth, I got messied up in wardrobe. This after giving my whiskers a week-and-a-half to grow into a minor miner beard. The extra weight I put on as I gorged myself through another press tour was all part of my De Niro-like dedication to my craft. Seriously.

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