Gertie meets man from Lenscrafters

DAWSON CITY, YUKON–There still is gold in Dawson City, say the locals. But there’s a surprising amount of silver, too.
At least there was Tuesday night at “Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall,” Canada’s oldest casino. As in silver-haired tourists, mostly American, who apparently flock to the place in the summer months.
Gertie and her Klondike cuties put on three can-can shows a night at the casino; the crowd at the 8 p.m. show seemed to feel they got more than their ten bucks worth.
It seemed like the only younger faces in the crowd belonged to the crew from Murdoch Mysteries, in town to shoot scenes from the fifth season premiere of the Citytv whodunit, which spiked to 649,000 viewers last Wednesday night. The Yannick Bisson Sherlock Holmes-meets-CSI drama beat everything on CTV, Global and /A that night–hell of a feat on half the stations across the country.
Bisson wasn’t at Gerties’ Tuesday night–he was too busy riding trail bikes straight up the mining passes that dot the surrounding hillsides at Dawson. “Best day of my life,” Bisson declared.
Wednesday, this reporter will be up at the crack of dawn which could be damn early as the sun barely sets up here this time of year. I’m going to be a background extra, “Miner No. 7,” which sounds about right. Details to follow.
As a footnote, the TV at the hotel in Dawson features channels like Hamilton’s CHCH, Los Angeles’  KTLA and NTV from St. John’s. All this fear that the conversion to digital is going to strand remote northern towns at the end of the month is rubbish; they’ve been dishing for decades in this gold rush town, the 3rd in all of North America, by the way, to boast electricity!

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