Quick–turn on your TV and watch the hour-long 22 Minutes Christmas special (8 p.m., CBC). The Halifax-based sketch com, in its 19th season, is having a banner year in quality and ratings. Tonight the gang goof on Dragon’s Den billionaire Kevin O’Leary (typecast as Scrooge). The hour is packed with guest stars, including Jim Cuddy (reading letters to Santa), Gordon Pinsent (as a Santa-look-a-like), Peter Mansbridge, George Stroumboulopoulos, Republic of Doyle player Allan Hawco (above) and Survivorman Les Stroud. Politicians get into the act, including finance minister Jim Flaherty, Bob Rae and Justin Trudeau.

Looked for 22 Minutes utility man Shaun Majumder on the set of his upcoming NBC/Global drama The Firm today in Toronto (he plays a weasel lawyer–I know, redundant), but there was no sign of the dude. He must have been busy writing a Christmas carol for tonight’s 22 Minutes. Check it out or go here to see a sneak peak.

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