Lenny Clarke is one of the all time funniest TCA press conference dudes ever. His sessions with former Rescue Me boss and co-star Denis Leary are legendary. Never has the F-bomb been dropped so many times in one session. So his appearance at the Winter 2012 TCA press tour was the best part, for me at least, of NBC’s session promoting Are You There Chelsea?
The new sitcom, based on Chelsea Handler’s semi-autobiographical book Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea, airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.
Clarke, also fondly remembered for his part on The John Larroquette Show, is half the man he used to be–liberally. He’s lost 193 lbs–he probably lost another three in the time it took to read this far. Basically he’s lost the combined weight of the entire cast of the upcoming NBC Broadway series Smash. He did it with the help of Weight Watchers and appeared as a spokesman for the product. He says Leary helped shame him into getting in shape.
The above clip features Clarke, as well as supermodel Elle Macpherson, at the NBC TCA party. It was held at a stately alumni house on the CalTech campus in Pasadena. Be warned: Clarke does drop the F-Bomb. Listen also for the string quartet who worked the party and only played the classics–including hits from The Beatles and Nirvana.

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