BEVERLY HILLS, CA–ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee says he loves Rookie Blue and is looking to add more scripted–and perhaps Canadian–co-productions onto his schedule next summer.
“Those co-productions are super smart,” he said in Friday’s post-executive session press tour scrum. “They’re cheap, they get watched around the world but they’re high quality. It’s a good model for us to be in, as well as the ones we invest in, we own and sell around the world. 
“We’re huge fans of Rookie Blue,” he added, and have a few little twinkles in our eyes about other [co-productions].” 
Lee, who was at the Banff Media fest in June, suggested during Friday’s TCA session that ABC is looking to add more scripted drama to their summer schedule next season. All U.S. broadcasters have seen a sharp drop in rerun ratings over the past few off-seasons.
Rookie Blue easily won it’s timeslot Thursday with 5,745,000 overnight, estimated viewers, it’s biggest ABC audience of this season. ABC and Global have both already ordered a fourth season.

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  1. It might help if ABC ever decided to rerun its biggest scripted hits. This year it was Once Upon a Time, before that it was Lost. Come to think of it, I don’t remember noticing if Desperate Housewives had gotten its rerun treatment either.

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