School’s out for summer, as Alice Cooper used to say. So what’s on TV?
Tons ‘o stuff. The new Showtime original Ray Donovan, starring Liev Schreiber as a slick LA fixer-to-the-stars, begins Sunday, for example. Dexter returns for a final run. In August, so does Breaking Bad. The Listener, True Blood, Saving Hope and Rookie Blue are all already back.
Come mid-July, the series finale of  that great little comedy from Winnipeg, Less Than Kind, airs on The Movie Network/Movie Central. Set PVRs accordingly.
There are also many, many reality shows, from the one we’ve all been waiting for, The Amazing Race Canada, to many who haven’t been waiting for, including Summer Camp, which is basically Big Brother at the beach.
You’ll find a handy, link-and-save summer TV highlight schedule here in this story I filed earlier this week for The Canadian Press.
Missing from the list is probably the one summer distraction I’ll be watching more than any other: Carson on TCM, airing Mondays at 8 p.m. throughout July. The hour-long shows feature the 20 years The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson originated from Burbank. That’s mainly because the first 10 years, shot in New York, were lost when NBC pulled the master tapes out of storage and ordered them all hauled to dump sites.
The clips pulled feature Carson in conversation with movie stars. Conan O’Brien, a huge fan of the master (as is every late night talk show host), sets it all up.
Now, turn off the TV and go outside!

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