Williams (centre) flanked by Crazy colleagues Gellar and EP Jason Winer

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–Want to make Robin Williams laugh? Call his a Sad Clown.
That’s what one critic did Monday on CBS’s TCA press tour presentation for The Crazy Ones. The comedy, coming this fall to CBS and City, stars Williams as the head of an ad agency with Buffy‘s Sarah Michelle Gellar playing his daughter and business partner. Busy James Wolk (Mad Men) is also part of the ensemble.
When one critic told him she found parts of the pilot poignant, Williams did a whole wacky bit on being a sad clown. He jumped out of his seat, causing his lapel mike to become untethered. He wondered what it would be like sleeping next to a sad clown “with those big shoes in bed.” He speculated a sad mime might be the guy next to the sad clown.
Williams, however, did get serious during the session. Read the full story of Monday’s Crazy Ones press conference here at this story I filed to The Canadian Press.

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