Robin Williams


Poor Hector Elizondo. Now what is he going to do? I thought of Elizondo first when I heard the news last week that Marshall, who’d had a series of strokes very recently, had passed away. He was 81. Back in 2007, CBS held a TCA press tour party outdoors. I got talking to Elizondo at

Frankie and Amy Gassler are a zany mother-daughter duo who have made it through to the fourth round on The Amazing Race Canada. These B.C.-based hairdressers are like The Gilmore Girls on peroxide. Frankie got pregnant with Amy  when she was 15, so no wonder the two look like sisters. I interviewed them in Vietnam and

The annual “TCM Remembers” tributes have become as much a part of the end of each year as Auld Lang Syne. The 2014 tribute, above, is one of the longest at 5:13, and needed to be given the many prominent film and TV performers and others connected to the entertainment industry who passed away in the

I had to recap this stupid show called Bachelor in Paradise Monday night for TheStar.ca, so I missed the first hour of The 66th Annual Emmy Awards. When I went back and watched it later, I realized I’d missed the best part. The show seemed dull and predictable in its last half, but the first

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson asks my thoughts on the passing of Robin Williams. This one is longer than usual at 18 minutes. We talk about the reaction on social media, some news reports I found objectionable and Conan O’Brien’s shocked reaction at the end of his show Monday. I even tell the story about the meeting

Some entertainers, you really hope that when you meet them, you like them. They’ve made you smile on TV or film and you hope for that same experience in a scrum or a press conference. The thing about Robin Williams was that, when you met him, you liked him even more. The surprise was how

It’s the end of a brilliant episode of Louie–an early gem which in many ways foreshadowed the most recent season. Louie CK and Robin Williams are leaving a strip club. They were drawn there after the death of Barney, a comedy club owner who used to be a regular. Seems he was always ripping off