The H&F gang (l-r): Sweet Phil, “Humble” Howard Glassman, Eileen
Ross, Fred Patterson. Four people, Five Hours worth of energy

Got up early Wednesday to chat with my old pals “Humble” Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson over at Humble and Fred The “best radio show not on the radio” can be heard on SiriusXM as well as on-line. The boys like to check in on the TV scene every few months and were nice enough to invite me back into their cozy Five Hour Energy Studio in beautiful downtown Etobicoke.
Howard says he’s getting pulled into Game of Thrones big time and showed me a cool place to watch TV on the Internet. Shouldn’t I be showing him that? We talked everything from Hill Street Blues to The Graham Norton Show, to well gout. You can listen in to the entire show here or jump ahead 53 minutes to catch my segment.

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