This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson asks about the CRTC report showing who’s making money on specialty and who isn’t. Wrote about the findings here in an earlier post. The amount of money generated by specialty channels such as TSN ($400M in revenues in 2013), History, Showcase and others is pretty eye-opening. Scott, I think, is just looking for ways to cut down his cable bill.
Scott also asks if Rob Ford is off limits for late night comedians now that he’s (apparently) in rehab. My thought is if Ford keeps handing them laffs they’ll use ’em. Ford is a cartoon character to U.S. late night, he’s like The Mets or the Kardashians or any punch line. We also wonder again who might follow Ferguson at the Late Late Show. I say Rob Ford. See what I did just there?
You can listen in here.

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