The Junior Professor SolutionA busy week has pushed this ratings report way back. Still, hands up who wants numbers? Worth a look as the season marches well into its second month,


Gotham remains a consistent winner Monday nights on CTV drawing 1,691,000 overnight viewers. Forever followed with 1,281,000 and Castle remained huge at 10 drawing 1,987,000. Global drew 1,218,000 with NCIS: Los Angeles, followed by slumping Sleepy Hollow (703,000) and The Blacklist (1,341,000).

City’s big show Monday continues to be its CBS simulcast Scorpion with 990,000 in overnights. The 8 o’clock hour went 299,000 2 Broke and 181,000 for Vancouver-based Package Deal. Murdoch Mysteries arrested 906,000 overnight viewers on CBC. Rookie drama Strange Empire drew 283,000 at 9 p.m.

The Voice put CTV2 in the mix with 832,000 tuning in Monday. Dancing with the Stars waltzed off with 272,000 out of simulcast (at least on Rogers) on M3.

A Monday Night Football tilt between Houston and Pittsburgh drew 405,000 overnight viewers to TSN.  WWE Raw bodyslammed 364,000 on Sportsnet 360.



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Wednesday TV ratings were affected by the shootings in Ottawa. Reports of the gunman attacking the war memorial and Parliament interrupted prime time schedules on CBC and elsewhere.

On CTV, for example, the Prime Minister’s short address drew 1,199,000 viewers. Jumbled around it was CTV’s regular broadcast of Arrow (1,353,000) and—somewhat ironically–Criminal Minds (1,922,000). Law & Order SVU did 780,000.

On Global, Survivor: San Juan sank to a new low (1,656,000) followed by Chicago PD (756,000) and Stalker (1,024,000). CBC’s news special, “Attack on Ottawa,” drew 629,000 followed by Dragon’s Den (827,000) and Republic of Doyle (590,000). City went ModernFamily 55548,000, Blackish 440,000. The Mysteries of Laura, which just earned a full season pickup on NBC, did 439,000 on CTV2.


The last week before CTV switches back to it’s Big Bang Thursday night comedy block found The Millers being squeazed into the 7:30 slot. It’s CTV debut drew 799,000 in the overnights. At 8, Grey’s Anatomy did 1,505,000 followed by Saving Hope at 1,094,000 and rookie drama How to Get Away with Murder at 1,758,000.

Global was well back with a repeat of Bones (849,000) then Gracepoint (832,000) and Parenthood (505,000). CBC coasted with its Thursday night doc duo The Nature of Things (398,000) and Doc Zone (485,000).  Cirty did 345,000 with their piece of the Shonda Rhimes trifecta, Scandal.  CTV2 saw rtytpical results for The Vampire Diaries (227,000) and Reign (278,000).

Portsnet tackled 263,000 viewers with its pickup of CBS’ Thursday Night Football game. The San Deigo-Denver tilt picked up additional Canadian viewers on various OMNI stations, including 197,000 on OMNI2 in Ontario.


CTV’s night began with The Amazing Race at 1,576,000 overnight viewers. Good, but still a million off its Sunday average. Grimm premiered at 964,000 and Blue Bloods did 1,731,000, highest 2+ total on the night. Global  got low scores from comedies About a Boy (249,000) and Marry Me (297,000). Hawaii FIVE-0 surfed to 1,239,000 and the new comic book series Constantine premiered to 784,000.

CBC got 567,000 to check out “The truth behind the trend” on Marketplace. A Mercer repeat drew 444,000, followed by the fifth estate at 649,000.

A night of sports on TSN was topped by a Saskatchewan/Calgary CFL game (594,000). An ear;lier Montreal/Ottawa tilt drew 424,000. A regional Jets NHL game did 154,000. Game Three of the World Series batted 554,000 on Sportsnet. Shark Tank did 459,000 on CTV2.


Seems to me a Toronto/Boston tilt on CBC’s old Hockey Night in Canada would draw an easy 2.5 million. This Saturday, Rogers CBC version of HNiC did 1,294,000 in the overnights with those two teams. The later West game between Calgary and Washington did 492,000.  There was a lot of other sports on other channels this night, including a Montreal/Ranger game on City (659,000). Sportsnet had Game Four of the World Series (597,000). TSN had two CFL games, Hamilton/Toronto (601,000) and B.C./Winnipeg (680,000). Saturday Night Live had 496,000 viewers in late night on Global.


CTV still wins Sundays but things are a lot closer. Once Upon a Time (1,318,000) just edges Global’s Madam Secretary (1,301,000) at 8. CTV’s Ressurrection (694,000) loses to Global’s The Good Wife (1,055,000) at 9. At 10 it is advantage CTV with old reliable CSI (1,801,000) trouncing out-of-simulcast Simpsons (314,000). CBC stays competitive with Heartland at 7 (929,000) followed by Canada’s Smartest Person (544,000). The import drama Janet King sinks to 177,000 at 9.

A non factor this week was City’s Hometown Hockey. Just 407,000 overnight viewers tuned in for Ottawa/Chicago.  More viewers watched Game 5 of the World Series (540,000). TSN’s pickup of NBC’s Sunday Night Football was viewed by 363,000.

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