kimmel-300HOLLYWOOD–Jimmy Kimmel welcomed Bill Maher on his ABC late night show Wednesday and the two wasted no time getting into the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris.

Maher has raised eyebrows lately with his outspoken denunciation of Muslims who he says support terrorism.

I was at the taping and interviewed Kimmel later in his office. He says Maher’s a smart guy and welcomed the exchange.

Maher was guesting to promote the return of Real Time with Bill Maher after a six week break. It returns Friday on HBO.

Toronto’s ex-mayor busts out of his cage on Kimmel’s coffee table

“We have to not avoid who did this Jimmy,” says Maher: “Muslim terrorists.” A dozen editorial cartoonists and journalists were murdered in Paris Wednesday. Kimmel’s audience went silent as Maher declared himself a proud liberal and urged Americans to stop being part of a “pussy nation.”

The two also touched on the recent controversy over “The Interview.” Watch the exchange, West Coasters, tonight at 11:35.


Kimmel, by the way, still has two Rob Ford dolls in his office, including the one pictured above which was sent to the comedian by a Toronto animation house. My Kimmel article will appear next month as the comedian prepares to host his 10th annual post-Oscar live celebrity-packed special.

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