24C4476D00000578-2913815-image-a-27_1421440994152There was a lot of talk about how groundbreaking One Big Happy was at the January TCA press tour. The NBC sitcom, which premieres Tuesday night, stars Calgary-born Elisha Cuthbert as an uptight lesbian who decides to have a child fathered by her lifelong friend, Luke (Nick Zano). Then Nick goes and meets a curvy Brit named Prudence (Kelly Brook). All three wind up under one roof.

It’s all kinda Three’s Company meets Ellen, maybe more Ellen since DeGeneres is one of the executive producers.

Brook seems to be the only character on this sitcom who really comes out–of her clothes!! Am I right people? The actress seems to walk around naked a lot in tonight’s pilot. Brook has a lot to blur, so don’t adjust your set.

Being the investigative reporters we are, Tony Wong from The Toronto Star joined me in a two person scrum with Brook at NBC’s press tour party in January. She has no problem showing the girls off on camera and says she flashed the studio audience and co-star Cuthbert when she dropped a towel or two during the taping.

She went into more detail about this, and I’d quote her, but I don’t think my recorder was even on. She says she’s been running around in the raw for years on British TV. The CRTC should pay attention, this is clearly an example of where the Canadian TV system has failed us while the Brits have kept abreast of Golden Age trends.

Brook was more shocked by rude words that sneak into North American TV scripts. Asked to give an example she looked at me and Tony and said “wankers.” At least I think that was her giving an example.


I wrote about Cuthbert and the launch of One Big Happy for The Canadian Press you can read that article here.

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  1. This show is opposite to all moral values and is trying to cross all the religious believes (in a comic way so you wouldn’t know what betrayal they are doing to mankind)
    And you should be warned that when your religious beliefs are gone, all that is left for you is satan’s way…
    This show has grotesquely crossed the line…Shows like this try to deviate people’s thoughts towards ONLY sexual matters, so you wouldn’t be able to focus on doing things that makes you closer to God, your only creator, which is the aim of our existence.
    May Allah guide us to what is our true salvation.

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