Logo6It’s always fun to drop in on Humble & Fred, even when they’re not really expecting you. I forgot to confirm my booking Monday and just showed up at 7:30 a.m. at their “5-Hour Energy Studio” down near the lake in Toronto’s west end. The had me on anyway. Ever gracious despite their cheeky radio banter, Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson made it all sound like their fault.

I was there to yak about the new fall season but, as usual, we barely get around to the topic at hand. (Given how bland the new season is, that’s no great loss.) You can listen in here as we discuss the shrinking state of broadcast television in a two-hour show which also features nice lads East of Avenue and their catchy tune “Paper Planes” as well as no-holds-barred funnyman Darren Frost. You’ll find me around the middle of the podcast.

The lads have The Fratellis live and in studio this week and Peter Mansbridge later this month. Listen to them weekday mornings on SiriusXM’s channel 168.


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