Julia Louis-Dreyfus snaps a selfie Sunday at the Emmys with the great Mel Brooks

The folks at Canada AM invited me back Monday to review the 67th Annual Emmy Awards. Weather anchor Jeff Hutcheson joked that if this keeps up I might soon get a parking spot.

They wanted my take on Sunday’s 67th Annual Emmy Awards. CTV News Channel’s Todd Van der Heyden asked what, for me, was the biggest surprise of the night. That it finished on time, I told him.

Many of the winners were pretty predictable, although I would not have guessed that this was the big year for Game of Thrones.  Acting wins for Viola Davis, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Jeffrey Tambor were expected and well deserved. We all had our fingers crossed for Jon Hamm and things finally worked out.

For the video of the Canada AM segment, follow this link.

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