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The Canadian Press asked me to get up early Monday and review the show that is replacing Canada AM, CTV’s Your Morning. I did, and you can read the review here. I think it was Tim Goodman in The Hollywood Reporter who self-imposes a 100-day ban on reviewing any new late night talk show. Same rule

On Thursday, when the news broke, there was a temptation to blame the sudden shuttering of Canada AM to loosening Canadian content requirement requirements. These were implemented last year by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission. One of the results of that “Let’s Talk TV” pow-wow in Ottawa was a gradual reduction in the number of hours Canadian Over-The-Air

If you’ve got 4 minutes and 10 seconds to spare, you can check out my appearance Wednesday on CTV’s Canada AM.  Please look past the bleary eyes and vacant stare; I’m fresh off a punishing winter TCA press tour crammed with “Too Much TV” that left colleagues staggering into Uber rides to the airport. I

The folks at CTV’s Canada AM asked me to come in Monday morning and talk binge viewing. Specifically, name five binge-worthy shows to catch up on over what’s left of the holidays. You can watch the five-minute report here. The hard part here is narrowing it down to five. That “Peak TV” era FX boss John Landgraf

The folks at Canada AM invited me back Monday to review the 67th Annual Emmy Awards. Weather anchor Jeff Hutcheson joked that if this keeps up I might soon get a parking spot. They wanted my take on Sunday’s 67th Annual Emmy Awards. CTV News Channel’s Todd Van der Heyden asked what, for me, was the biggest

Summer’s here and the time is right for…watching television? Yes, ignore that warm weather and get back inside. There’s a ton ‘o TV comin’ atcha. The success of Under The Dome two years ago seemed to spike a renewed interest in scripted network drama. That series is back for a third season (how do they

Do you have four minutes and twenty-one seconds to sort out the good from the bad in the new fall TV season? Check out this link to my appearance Tuesday morning on CTV’s Canada AM. Co-host Marci Ean (right) asks about the new hits–including Gotham, How to Get Away with Murder, Black-ish and Transparent–and misses, including

Looking good: Twelve former Canada AM co-hosts join today’s trio Got up crazy early this morning to attend a salute to one of Canada’s longest-running TV traditions–Canada AM.The series marks 40 years on the air this month. There must have been something in the water that fall of 1972: not only did Canada AM launch,