your-morning-logoThe Canadian Press asked me to get up early Monday and review the show that is replacing Canada AM, CTV’s Your Morning. I did, and you can read the review here.

I think it was Tim Goodman in The Hollywood Reporter who self-imposes a 100-day ban on reviewing any new late night talk show. Same rule should apply for morning shows, I think. It takes a while — sometimes a year — for these shows to find their feet.

Still, people wanna know, and I was happy to take the assignment, so here are a few extra thoughts.

I thought Monday’s show was a pretty solid first effort, production-wise. Everything was in focus and well-lit and the microphones were in order.

CTV moved their morning show from their original bunker up in Agincourt and now have all their daytime originals under the same roof in on Queen Street West, including Marilyn Denis and The Social. This allows them to use the same cameras, crews and producers. That helped Monday morning.

There’s also the thought that they’ll now get those guests in studio who didn’t want to be limo-ed out to Agincourt before. I dunno about that — the limo rides were always pretty cool.


The show should be able to draw plenty of big name guests from TIFF in a few weeks. The Bell Lightbox is just two blocks south. Here’s hoping they bust the show out of the studio more and create an environment that tells viewers right away they are in downtown Toronto. That big glass top table and wrap-around video wall could be in Brampton.

The new show title seems pretty generic, too. Your Morning Mississauga I could see, even Your Morning Moosejaw.  Maybe I just got used to hearing Canada AM after 43 years.

Another dude in the nix might also be a good idea. With four women to one man around the table now, the gabbier parts of the show seem too much like The Social.


  1. With Mulroney just oozing metrosexualness, there might as well be 4.5 women hosting this show.

    • Henry Pospisil Reply

      Why are all people working on ” your morning ” show so immature , and stupid? It is really annoying!

  2. On a totally unrelated note, I’ve noticed that Chris Shultz is missing from the CFL on TSN panel. I know earlier this year I thought they mentioned on air his father passed away. Do you know the scoop?

  3. Darlene Manning Reply

    The new show is a early version of The Social which I always changed the channel on and will continue to change the channel on this new show. Loved Canada AM for 30 years. Can’t stand this show.

    • U replace seasoned reporters a show that has had a steady following for so many years with the same idea only u put younger people and trying to follow a more modern I guess approach It is awful and boring. No personality like Canada AM had. Ill never watch it I gave it a few minutes and cud not stand it. Moved over to CBC

    • I rate this as a very unsuccessful program. This program called your morning just is an automatic turn off in my home. I never seen such commentators have so many of their own opinions , working at trying to sway the thoughts of the public like these ones do…. instead of taking it as an opportunity to teach respect to those in Authority these guys are taking it as an opportunity to pull down anything that doesn’t line up with their liberal thoughts. I find it very disturbing. More and more news programs that you turn to now is more about teaching Society disrespect than anything else. And yet they’re all over anybody who shows any thought about anything contrary to their own……. the only thing positive about the whole show is Kelsey and the weather. Ben and lindsey have to go if you have any hope of keeping it on the air. Anne Marie for the most of time has learned to control her opinion to some degree.
      I have already cancelled some of my incoming programs that contain anything related to the CNN news mafia and this stuff is the next to go…..
      Find you some mature journalists or commentators that can get on there and present issues just as they are without spicing them up with anything they don’t like , especially American politics. We don’t need to hear about how much they dislike the leadership of the USA. …. I would strongly suggest that if you wish to keep any followers that you get something on there besides this group of opinionated people who have never learn the art of controlling their own thoughts and realizing that not the whole world thinks like they do… and that is okay. One can think different and still not be a bigot or a racist or a phobic of some sort…

  4. I’m curious to see the ratings for this new morning show – it’s horrible. I tried again this morning to watch, but it’s so bad, I actually opted to watch CP24 just to get some real news fast.
    Any bets as to cancellation?????????

    • I do hope they cancel this show – it is so bad – what were they thinking

    • Pamela Meunier Reply

      Nothing like Canada AM and, I miss it. I am now watching CBC in the mornings. Its not so much about “pretty” and, much more informative. By the way, what ever happened to Katie Simpson on CTV? I see she is now on CBC. Did Katie not fall into the “pretty” slot? I happen to think she is very attractive and, a great journalist. CTV’s loss. Shame on you CTV.

    • I totally agree, this is the lamest “news” show I’ve ever seen, thankfully I can watch TVA or Hlobal news which far outperforms this program. “Your morning” is mostly self promoting idle chit chat or an extension of Ben’s eTalk show, his ego and then cooking? on a news show in the morning? I have to say that the best part of this show is Brandon, lively, knowledgable, down to earth and well spoken, but still it’s not a news show and certainly NOT “my morning!”

  5. Maureen VanDer Vee Reply

    My husband and I were faithful Canada AM viewers. Having a hard time with Your Morning! No sports, local news, local weather or business! Not everyone lives in TO. Lacks all the info we used to get with Jeff, Marcie and Bev!

  6. michael marc Reply

    Brutal show…..looks so Fox and Friends with the “attractive babes”. Dumbing-down morning show..thanks CTV. The perky weather girl should be on a small market station and not a national show….geesh.

  7. So disappointed in CTV. You have gone from a professionally- produced NEWS program to a low-budget wannabe production that frankly insults your viewers’ intelligence. Please, please reconsider the move. Cancel this poor excuse for a morning show and bring back a morning news program. You don’t even have to call it Canada AM but please staff it with competent journalists instead of party planners! I agree with the poster above. Ben is just too metrosexual for a national NESX broadcast!

  8. I cannot stand the show. Have tried to watch it almost every morning since it started to try to give it a chance. It seems to be a mix of all other morning shows with a total slant on entertainment. This is not what I want in the morning. I want Canadian, and international, news. Too bad they got rid of the old Canada AM. They knew what they were doing, how to do it, and had great chemistry together.

  9. Stopped watching it the first week. It’s terrible I feel like I am watching a wannabe American show missing the mark by miles. So distracting to much BLUE the set is awful, too many floral outfits, too much big hair, ready for the red carpet, not for a morning show. Just ridiculous!! Get rid of it and bring back Canada AM.

  10. I have tried to be open-minded and give this show a chance, but unfortunately it no longer gets turned on in the morning as I now go to CBC to get the up-to-date news. So miss Marcie, Bev and Jeff – they will never be replaced!

  11. I refuse to watch this show. The 24 hour notice to viewers that Canada AM was being cancelled was unprofessional. Bell Media does not know its audience at all. We miss Bev, Marci, and Jeff. They were a dynamite trio. This show is just a ditto of all the other day time entertainment shows. Bad Move Bell.

  12. This program has no news and is just another yappy sequel to the Social which I also can not watch. These women are all so shallow and just talk to hear themselves. As far as morning news. the weather women sounds like a windup Cupid doll —-way too many words to give us the weather report . It is also regurgitated. too many times during the show.
    Please bring back a format like Canada AM that showed some professionalism and gave us world and local news. We live in Ottawa

    • I enjoyed watching Todd Vander heiden at this time slot this summer.He conducts a decent interview and can be somewhat lighthearted at this time of morning,Bring back ctv news channel at this time

  13. I watched the first day and that was enough for me. Can’t stand Ben Mulroney. I think it’s disgraceful the way Bell media and CTV shut down a long standing show such as Canada AM with just 24 hours notice. It tells me a lot about the high paying execs who made this decision…..that they don’t know their viewing audience nor do they care about what we think about these idiotic decisions! I was so angry about the way that all went down that I no longer watch ctv and am considering switching to another cable provider( which is currently Bell). I feel for all the employees affected by the loss of Canada am. I really wish they would bring back Bev, Marci and Jeff (even though he’s retired!). They knew how to do it best!! This new show is too “fluffy” and will never get my viewing time. I give it 6 months max.

  14. Margaret McEachren Reply

    I am truly trying to give this show a chance but seldom get through a whole morning episode. I will keep trying for a bit longer but as of now not a fan at all.

  15. So much for CTV’s new approach to morning television – Your Morning show is awful. What were the CTV network execs thinking. Just throw in some of The Social, ET Canada,, Twitter Facebook and the weakest news team in Canada. What demographics. This is a total embarrassment and an insult to everyone’s intelligence.
    Ben Mulroney is way overexposed on CTV and his constant mugging on camera is annoying. Melisa Grelo needs to tone it down and stay on The Social, in a time slot I don’t watch. And please, Kelsey McEwen on the weather turn the LA Weather girl perkiness off. I watch morning TV to get the news and be somewhat amused but not overwhelmed with schmaltz. Quite frankly the CP24 format with Todd Vander Haieden had way more new content and personality.
    I understand that the Canada AM format was worn out and needed tweeking and went downhill with the departure of Seamus O’Regan who at least had the chops of a real reporter.
    I am switching channels and most of the people I talk to lately of all age levels.
    I want real news, meaningful guests, real weather and industry specialist. Two thumbs down CTV #Your Morning is a stinker!

    • This is exactly how I feel, Tom could not have said it better for me. I’ve given this show almost 2 months. I hate it! Ben Mulroney and his peevish, childish mini-tantrums, the lack of local traffic and weather (I miss Anwar), the lack of real journalism and real stories…. I am signing off this show until you bring back a proper show. I too really enjoyed watching CTV News Channel over the summer. This show is just simply insulting.

  16. Does Atlantic Canada exist anymore?? Apparently not if everyone is watching this show. It might as well be calling “Toronto’s Morning”. We want NEWS not opinions on local topics. It’s a terrible show. Bring back Canada AM.

  17. Terri Kaulback Reply

    I have given this show a chance. I’ve given up! I had watched Canada AM for 10 years each morning before leaving for work. I have now switched to CBCNews!

  18. Terrible. everyone talks too quickly and sometimes all at once.
    Not impressed with the set. Won’t be watching.

  19. This Canada AM replacement is failing miserably bring back the original and it’s crew.

  20. John and Lynda corner Reply

    What a disappointment going from a very classy professional morning show to a very shallow entertainment production. Ben Mulroney is so full of himself, the weather person has a voice that definitely should not be on TV very annoying to listen to. Anne Marie Mediway (sorry spelling) is a very classy and professional person to deliver the news as she did in the evening ,too bad she ended up with these non performers. You have lost our viewing. You had a good thing and blew it . The saying is ” if not broken don’t fix it”.

  21. Kathy morris Reply

    I do not like this show. I really am trying. Where did sports go? Too much weather way too much. Some segments way to long on topics I am not interested in. I am on the verge of leaving a channel I have watched over 30 years. I just miss Bev. Where is she? No one is better or more classy than Jeff with weather. The social media angle is not working. Why take the social and make morning news. Could we not have stayed the course with adding some updates?.

  22. Sharon Dennis Reply

    I gave the show a fair chance, but can’t watch it one more day. I have switched now to any other program other than this one. Doesn’t compare to Canada am, or Beverly or Marci.

  23. Bring back the Canada AM folks. This show is Terrible!! At the very least dump Ben….his smirky little smile has no place in what is supposed to be a legitimate news program. Everyone does
    the same format…..where is some Canadian perspective on important issues……let Marilyn do the food and fashion….let’s have some good conversation on the issues

  24. I was annoyed to say the least when Canada AM was cancelled. Used the summer months to get over my grudge. But after attempting to watch ‘Your Morning,’ that bitter and twisted feeling began to re-emerge! Such a disappointment. I tried to talk my way through it. Maybe I am not the intended market anymore. But if it is the younger demographics CTV is aiming for, I don’t know if the executives have looked lately but the younger generations don’t watch anything on TV anymore! It is the folks that were raised on the invention of colour television that get up early to watch morning news that are still tuning in. Weather girls that are channeling their inner valley girl, or anchor personnel that look like Ken and Barbie dolls don’t cut it! There is a lack of credibility. It is like they are playing news broadcasters !
    CBC it is.

  25. I couldn’t agree more with everyone’s comments. This show is not only terrible but continues the downward spiral! What I am enjoying is watching the jockeying for position as each woman, with the exception of Anne Marie is trying to be the host. Particularly Mellissa Grelo who is the main reason I can’t stand The Social. The weather girl has got to go. Her motor mouthed high pitched screech is so grating and why on earth do they put her on the desk with the others as she too can’t stop talking. I think it would have been much better had they just added Ben Mulroney to Canada am when Jeff Hutchison retired. This shoe just makes me miss Canada am all the more.

  26. What a poor excuse for a morning show. Canada AM was 10 out of 10. Your Morning isn’t even on the scale! Now watch BT

  27. The new CTV has been aptly labeled inane. I can’t believe how dreadful the thing is. My wife now insists we watch City which does not suck as bad.

  28. Seems that everyone is disappointed. Too bad CTV thought they had that dumb of an audience. It irks me to get up every morning to see a bunch of women done up like they are going dancing instead of updating us on world events (oh right that’s not very important now). I flip between CBC and Global now, which means I am also going to their website during the day to get my news. So long CTV, it was great watching you for 40 years.

  29. I turned on Canada AM every morning before work. I received all the necessary news, sports and weather to start my day. I really liked the personalities of the crew. They were like the folks who lived on your street. I could only stomach the new shop two mornings. I found it plastic, boring and not what I want to see first thing in the morning. The decision makers who pulled the plug on AM should be fired.

  30. Anna Blundell Reply

    This morning show resembles an American format and lacks Canadian content. We don’t need a Hollywood show at breakfast time. Bring back Bev Thompson and Marci Ian and come back down to being a great morning show.

  31. I watched a couple of times and I can’t stand this group of testosterone filled teenage personalities. So much big hair and egos that go through the roof. Bev, Marci and Jeff are 5 star professionals who always got our day off to a great start. Bring the Bell Execs in front of the camera and take calls on air if you want to bring your ratings up. That would prove to be a disaster for Bell. Alexander Graham is rolling over in his grave in disgust.

  32. Nina Calback Reply

    The white printing on the blue trailer background is very, very hard to see especially if you have had your cataracts done and you have eye lense implants. it is very frustrating . I wish you would change it to black or perhaps a very dark blue. i turn my TV station to Hamilton where I can read what is going on. Thank you for allowing me to comment.

  33. I 100% agree with everyone. CTV do you not read all the comments. Bring out your big boy pants and admit this was all a mistake and a poor summer joke in all of us and you are actually bringing back Canada AM and the same old crew.

    This new Your Morning sucks sucks sucks. Did I say it sucks. I quit watching.

  34. Len Compton Reply

    People in Northwestern are real people and generally do not relate on phony Toronto based Barbie Dolls who are self centred and plastic. My wife and I have tried to watch to watch this programme and have given up. It is a bad way to start your day.

  35. Talking to 3 women on the golf course and we all agreed, we are all turning off this show. This new show is horrible bring back the old format and crew we miss our morning show.

  36. Your Morning may speak to someone but not me or anyone I know. How can bringing out the same faces constitute a new show? Give me substance and character with a solid news show. How disappointing. We are used to high standards and miss those you use to provide! So disrespectful to your audience!!

  37. John Norris Reply

    Need to change the news banner to be larger and more contrast would improve readability. Who are those people anyway!
    Gone to CBC

  38. Irene Flis Reply

    Watched the first two shows for 10 minutes only. Too much to stomach.

  39. Jenny henry Reply

    This program is an insult to the intelligence of the Canadian people.

  40. I’m not clear why CTV changed the hosts and format of Canada AM. I much preferred it to CBC. CTV also cancelled our local morning news a few years ago in London. Thanks Bell. I tried watching Your Morning however it misses the mark for me. Canada AM was a great show. I now watch CNN.

  41. Barbara krieger Reply

    Give me back the old show!They need to bring back the news part and the sub title news running across the bottom,well you can,t even read it!Seems like it,s basically just another talk type show.

  42. Anne Walker Reply

    My husband and I agree with the above comments panning the new show replacing Canada AM. Set is terrible with too many plastic women for starters. We had come to expect intelligent hosts after watching this program for 40 years, coming to love Bev, Marci and Geoff as well as Anwar. Was great getting hard news as well as some gentle humour as well. Geoff’s videos were priceless as well. Bring them back. Have been watching CBC after watching new show for three days at beginning and hating it and the thing is we have stayed watching CBC after 9:00 a.m. so that the following programs on CTV have lost more viewers. I don’t know anyone who likes the new program and whoever’s idea this was needs to be fired!

    • Frankly disappointed. Boring and lacking in fair news coverage. Do not like the white blocks on the weather map, where’s the map. You dropped a great morning show “Canada AM” and gave the viewers a poor replacement. This baby Boomer is switching stations. Jeff may have retired but Anwar was a great replacement. What happened to common sense. Bring back CANADA AM and your viewers will come back.

  43. Anne Marie is a talented, classy & professional journalist but the others including Ben have to go. Please get someone to match up with her talent and perhaps this show can be salvaged. Ben and the others are in way over their heads and may be ok for a show like e talk where it is scripted for everyone but not for a morning program show. Ben needs to learn about not cutting off his co-host….it is so tacky.

  44. I agree with the comments listed above.
    Has CTV released the ratings for this poor excuse for a morning news show?
    I have switched to CBC prior to 9 am.
    Someone at CTV should be fired over this debacle.

  45. What a shame, the Professional well informed Canada AM show , suddenly canceled, what were you thinking? Trashy? don’t look south for bad idea programming. Keep it Canadian! Have switched to another chanel, couldn’t stomach a stupid show.

  46. Wendy Hledin Reply

    I am so disinterested in the new morning show that I cannot even remember the girls’ names. The blonde weather lady – have you counted how many times she says “pardon me” in one news cast? You have lost me as a follower of news in the morning.

  47. I am not happy with the CTV morning show change. What used to be an enjoyable morning news show is now news fluff and silly chatter. I try to watch it most mornings but usually only last 5-10 minutes before changing to much better news shows. What were they thinking? and what market are they after? CTV execs please fix this. I want my morning coffee with mature enjoyable news reporting. If I want fluff I can get it from social media.

  48. Norma brousseau Reply

    Disappointed. Reported weather is great but the news? Where is it? Love Ann Marie and other females but Ben does not fit with them.
    Was hoping it would be good. Miss Canada am. Maybe a review would be welcomed to making some needed changes.

  49. Carrol Curtis Reply

    Don’t like the set. Ben and Melissa should stick to fluff entertainment. Can’t tolerate the fast talking, inane round table. It’s nothing but high pitched cackling (Ben included). Where’s Michael’s business report and a solid sports report? Canada AM was an intelligent, professional friend who joined us for breakfast every morning. Your Morning is not invited.

  50. General canadian viewer Reply

    Ditto, ditto, ditto to all the above, Bell Media shame on you, and all your programming choice; all on the cheap. Boring, untalented, incompatible group of people for this morning show, wanted to hit a younger audience, you missed it by, we’ll as far as you possible could. Not all 35 and younger are dim witted, as not to notice the lack of depth, personalities, and well just fluff, oh yes there is the inordinate amount of weather coverage, and of course your formula for placing the same people on every show that you produce, there is much more, and possibly (did someone really have to tell you) better talent out there….go and find them, replace your head of programming, then maybe you’ll have a shot at producing some shows that have good content, that are stimulating, thoughtful and thought provoking… Said enough, because you Bell Media haven’t been saying a thing…. No one seems to be listening,.. What a shame….

  51. Worst morning news show ever. Between Mulroney & those two anorexic co-hosts, turn it into a cooking show and get them to eat! Not pleasant viewing to say the least. Go back to the drawing board, Forget about bringing back the old crew, they were getting long in the tooth, thank god no more flags!

  52. What a shame! What happened to the professionalism from Bev and the others? This show remind me of “Entertainment tonight ” not a news program! I change channel and I don’t follow it anymore! ?

  53. BRUTAL! It is more of a fashion and hair show. If skinny, ditsy, bubble heads was the road the show planned to take, then you succeeded. They are not journalists or people that should not be reporting results of a dog show, let alone news. As if you could understand anything they are saying while they all talk over each other. AND are they representative of Canadian population? Look around – even the correspondents are perfect in that they are young, white and so annoying! Done with CTV for morning programming – would rather watch CBC – I would rather get used to that format than suffer through this show.

  54. Nancy Norman Reply

    I enjoyed Canada AM. This replacement show is hard to watch. Ben Mulroney sounds like Kermit The Frog every time he speaks. His little rants when he’s trying to be witty come across as annoying and immature. There is no weather activity in Newfoundland that merits mentioning. Female hosts need to eat something other then Ben’s hairspray. Bring back Canada AM! This show is pathetic.

  55. Fay Harvey Reply

    This is a terrible show. You have Lindsay DeLuce a great news reporter and does not give regular local news that I am interested in.
    Terrible show and will not watch it.
    Bring back Canada AM.

  56. Henry Pospisil Reply

    Mr. Mulroney and the unprofessional three girls are making mockery of news show.If you don’t thing so, than you should be fired! You, Mr president of what ever you want to call your show!

  57. Gloria McAlpine Reply

    I thought it was just my husband and I that find My Morning so horrible but can see we are definitely not alone. We looked forward to watching Canada AM and never missed a morning. It was a refreshing, informative start to our day and now you have these people who ramble on, talking over each other in voice tones that make your skin crawl. Give us back the excellent programming and staff from Canada AM. Your replacement is an embarrassement for CTV.

  58. I am totally disapointed with this show….Canada am was far better. Ben Mulrooney putting his fingers in his ears this morning like a child come on!…hes annoying everyone. Im not watching CTV your morning ruins my morning.

  59. It’s too busy for a morning show. I loved Canada AM more relaxing, informative and the pace was just right for an early morning show. I gave it a try but now watching a French morning news show. I used to start my day with a good coffee and Canada AM. Your Morning show doesn’t compare too much going on yet not much to watch.

  60. Shut up !!! Ben your getting on my nerves. LalalalalalalalalLa. Very annoying show.

  61. I try to watch but this show is so annoying. Everything that is done on this show is too rushed. This show is just awful.

  62. Douglas Moore Reply

    Like everyone else who watched Canada AM I too cannot stand this new show. I guess I became extremely satisfied with Canada AM. The new show has too much giggling and of course then there is Ben. Enough said

  63. I agree with all of the previous comments. I have tried to watch, but have had to turn it off. I have opted to leave earlier for work rather than watch. I miss Canada AM with Bev, Marci, Jeff and Anwar. They were professional, personable and fun. This new show is annoying, silly, unprofessional and irritating. Too much weather coverage, silly talk about stupid topics, awful delivery of the news, too much emphasis on hair, makeup and clothes…so annoying to watch them. FINALLY, Ben Mulroney is very immature and unjustifiably opinionated. ..I do not care what he thinks about anything!! Your Morning is absolute garbage…shame. You had a good thing with Canada AM…can’t imagine who watches this show and enjoys it.

  64. I have tried to give “Your morning” show a chance but I am so disappointed at the format. I missed the old Canada Am with the real professional journalists and weather man/woman. Talking about weather, don’t they have nothing to say besides weather every minutes ? my old mom says she can’t see anything on their map of white on pale blue background. Your morning is like a useless chit chat show and nothing more.

  65. Terrible! That jumping gazelle with flailing arms giving the weather, makes me dizzy.
    This is too much The View and The Social which I do not watch. They all talk together and can’t understand what they are saying.

  66. I sadly miss the old crew. I’ve giving this crew a chance and am not happy. Not sure who is responsible for the ladies hair but I’d be firing them. Hair styles look unclean, greasy and just thrown together. Seems more like a parenting program with a few splashes of current news. Unhappy…

  67. I’ m not watching this very unprofessional show. Where is Canada AM stuff? I don’t need this teenager stile program.

  68. Evelyn King Reply

    Your Morning is not even close to Canada AM. I really mi as that show. It was the highlight of my day. Now this show seems as if all the women are in a hurry, talking so fast which reminds me of a gaggle of geese. Even the forecast seems like a rush of words, like a race to see how quick it can be said. Slow down. You are not in America, you are in Canada and you sound like the women on The Talk. This isn’t a compliment by any means.

  69. Evelyn King Reply

    Spelling error, the word should be miss in the second sentence

  70. My mother said give everyone/everything a second chance and I did just that by viewing Your Morning for a second time. I’m sorry this program is not gelling and the execs at Bell need to take this “New Formula to the news” off life support. The idiosyncrasies of the hosts are just getting more annoying especially Ben Mulroney and Melisa Grelo who need to go back to their other gigs on the network that suit their in your face TV presences. And please replace Stacey McEuen with her voice that is like nails on a blackboard and every day hows how dumb she is about the world. How can someone in the media admit online that she did not know Leonard Cohen was a Canadian duh!
    It seems everyone on this blog wants credible news delivered honestly, personable and straight up (Think Tom Van der Hayden), to be informed on social, economic, medical and movie reviews without “The View” type bickering of the over coiffed, over dressed hosts.
    From the start of the program with its jarring theme noise to the inane banter and the weak graphics. Remember 20% of men are colour blind and baby blue scrolls are unreadable.
    My mother also told me admit to your mistakes and start over. Time to go back to the drawing board guys!

  71. Absolutely the worst show on TV!!
    Bring back the old format with Bev, Marci and Anwar!

  72. Why does your weather gazelle jump back and forth in front of the map. She could be more professional like Maureen Moore weather lady in Sudbury, staying in one spot and does a great job covering the weather without making us dizzy….and keep your arms from flying all over the map. Observe Maureen Moore in Sudbury…

  73. Carrol Curtis Reply

    Thought I’d give this a second chance. Nope! Still worst than nails on a chalkboard and an embarrassment to Canadian TV.

  74. Your morning show sucks big time!!!!!!
    Ben is good for et but not for the morning I preferred Canada am.
    It’s like watching Sesame Street
    I switch to NBC

  75. I don’t even like your news there’s is nothing there.
    Isn’t so poussed to be a news channel about the world.
    How Ben comes from Québec always talking about Toronto trader

  76. I am very concerned with the logic used by head producers. I also think if they actually sat down to watch the show at home, the high-pitched noise being emitted from the women would turn any stomach. Way too much makeup as well– are their complexions that bad to warrant that much war paint?
    My last point is; if I ever watch the show again, I only hope there is enough toilet paper left on the roll. Blah!

  77. I agree with the above reviews, my only hope is that you are listening. I am so disappointed. “Your morning” show is not my morning show and only speaks to the lack of education in journalism, the superficial and detached prevalence apparent in society.
    Dumb down is a great word used in a review, it says it all. I feel better now that I have read these reviews, clearly there are many people with a brain in their head.
    The population consists more of a higher percentage of those who are aging. What are you thinking?
    Canada AM had meaning, it was a show with well educated, experienced journalists, who consistently reported the news with professionalism. Bev, Marci, Jeff and Anwar appeared like a Family who I enjoyed bringing into my living room and wanted to be a part of. It would be safe to say from reviews others felt the same way.
    They demonstrated empathy (a rare quality) when interviewing those who have been faced with adversity.
    They spoke with clarity and most importantly as real people who most could relate to.
    Youth and good looks are highly overrated in today’s media which is reflected by a lack of intelligence and inexperience, the talk mostly consisting of me, me and more me. “Like” “Eh” “OMG”
    This show is actually worse than City Tv’s breakfast television. I would rather read a dictionary than watch either. Bring back the same format of Canada AM and the journalists who have life experience and are educated, otherwise your ratings will hopefully continue to plummet. In my opinion that is a good sign because this kind of show is unacceptable and an insult to intelligence, furthermore, a disgrace to Toronto and the province we live in.

    Dumb down is a great word used in a review, it says it all. It makes me happy
    to read these reviews because clearly there are many people with a brain in
    their head. The population consists more of a higher percentage of those who are
    aging. What are you thinking? Canada AM had meaning, it was a show where
    there were well educated journalists, who consistently reported the news with
    professionalism. Bev, Marci, Jeff and Anwar appeared like a Family who you
    enjoyed bringing into your living room and wanted to be a part of.
    They demonstrated empathy (a rare quality)
    when interviewing those who have been faced with adversity. They spoke with
    clarity and most importantly as real people who most could
    relate to. Youth and good looks are highly overrated in todays media which
    is reflected by a lack of intelligence and inexperience, the talk mostly consisting
    of me, me and more me. This show is actually worse than City Tv’s breakfast
    television. I would rather read a dictionary than watch either. Bring back
    Canada AM and the journalists that matter, otherwise your ratings will
    continue to plummet. In my opinion that is a good sign because this kind of
    show is unacceptable and an insult to intelligence, furthermore, a
    disgrace to Toronto and the province we live in.

    I agree with the above reviews, my only hope is that you are listening. I am so
    disappointed. The morning show speaks to the lack of education in
    journalism, the superficial and detached prevalence in our society.
    Dumb down is a great word used in a review, it says it all. It makes me happy
    to read these reviews because clearly there are many people with a brain in
    their head. The population consists more of a higher percentage of those who are
    aging. What are you thinking? Canada AM had meaning, it was a show where
    there were well educated journalists, who consistently reported the news with
    professionalism. Bev, Marci, Jeff and Anwar appeared like a Family who you
    enjoyed bringing into your living room and wanted to be a part of.
    They demonstrated empathy (a rare quality)
    when interviewing those who have been faced with adversity. They spoke with
    clarity and most importantly as real people who most could
    relate to. Youth and good looks are highly overrated in todays media which
    is reflected by a lack of intelligence and inexperience, the talk mostly consisting
    of me, me and more me. This show is actually worse than City Tv’s breakfast
    television. I would rather read a dictionary than watch either. Bring back
    Canada AM and the journalists that matter, otherwise your ratings will
    continue to plummet. In my opinion that is a good sign because this kind of
    show is unacceptable and an insult to intelligence, furthermore, a
    disgrace to Toronto and the province we live in.

  78. Tommy Nioniou Reply

    Today trying to give it another chance but after 5 minutes watching Ben playing with the girls reminds me of Sesame Street show for kids.
    I get more Canadians news from the American channels. Please get Bev. Back

  79. Stephanie O'Connor Reply

    I sure miss the Canada AM team. I just can’t watch the show that replaced it…..Please give us back Canada AM

  80. I do have one positive comment regarding the replacement of the great morning show Canada AM with the drivel called Your Morning – I now have 2 1/2 hours in the morning to get my housework done. No TV for me till after 10:00 AM (I live in the maritimes.)

  81. Terrible show. Who needs all of this glamour stuff in the morning….we need news. Although, we do not need weather every five minutes!!!!
    Totally unprofessional and boring.

    Canada AM was so well done, so interesting, with true professionals giving us news and weather, interesting interviews covering current subjects. I also miss the connection between Marci, Jeff and Bev, they gave us many laughs to start the day.
    You lost a gem of a show CTV!

    Have switched to CBC

  82. Victor Brown Reply

    Canada AM follower for years. “Your Morning” is just eTalk at a different time. Can’t take anyone on the show seriously. I gave it a try, no more. There are so many viable options, this is not one of them.

  83. M. Patricia Reply

    i cannot sit quietly any longer – what a mess – your replaced professional reporting with a bunch of young people, all with very important opinions on the most ridiculous topics. worst of the worst is ben mulroney – has an opinion on everything and tries to come across as an expert on everything. i watched canada a.m. for years and always looked forward to the broadcast – please take a few moments and read these comments from people who care so much to take the time to let you know. i’m looking at other channels to get my morning info but would love to tune back in to a true morning/news show like canada a.m.

  84. Paul Hunda Reply

    Just can’t do it, what a pitiful excuse for a morning show!! A bunch of late 20-somethings trying to be reined in by “Mom and Dad”. The “Interns” Kelsey, Lindsey and Melissa, are totally fascinated with simplest of things that mean absolutely nothing to the rest of the world. Ben and Anne-Marie have their hands full and at times you can see how totally frustrated and exasperated they are. It’s like CTV went out to find the most self-absorbed, ignorant and inane television new comers to see if they can make it in the real world…..sadly, they cannot. CTV/Bell Media, axe this show and do yourself a favour before its too late….wait maybe for some it already is, I know today was the last time I’m watching!!

  85. Your station is as bad as it gets! And today was the tops. The Mrs. Kelsey Mc. Ewens in horrible dress, and stupid hair, is talking about how all living things are farting, and if they are farthing and how mush Are you STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess there is no intellect in this station. Is talk about weather too much for you???????

  86. Your morning…seriously? The definition of SHIT SHOW. Do the hosts even have an education? Then there is the make up, the clothes. They look like no one told them they were going to be on TV. Train Wreck

  87. Tony Smith Reply

    I waited this long, but I can’t stand the show, who cares whether Ben Mulroney likes snow or not. There is nothing serious about this show. These people are like parrots and seem not to really understand the subject matter. Really too bad they changed it. Terrible!

  88. Cannot stand your morning – where is the news, way way way tooooo much weather and ridiculous chitter chatter on nothing important. I don’t believe most Canadians want to watch an entertainment show in the morning. Plus really really can’t stand Ben Mulroney or really the other co-hosts either. It sucks because I really enjoy a good morning news program.

  89. Marg McNish Reply

    Your Morning show still stinks. Bring back good TV for us early birds. Ditch Mulroney. he is so sappy

  90. Are you really sure, that there is need for correction of misspells?

  91. Linda Bowering Reply

    Good morning…just a small complaint. Watching this morning’s show of June 4/2018. The host talking about best before date on consumer products..they continually talked over other and so much was missed in the information session. Reminded me of the VIEW and the Rachel Ray Show. Loving the show, miss Canada AM, but warming up to Your Morning. Only minor given all other issues in the world. ???❤

  92. Sean Keough Reply

    Your morning is terrible!
    Used to turn on Canada AM every morning.
    Just can’t stand all of these people all trying to talk at once.
    When someone does get the floor they talk so fast I can’t follow it.
    This show is not worthy of a national audience.
    It has 0 content…0 credibility and 0 interest to me.
    Bring back Canada AM!

  93. What an awful show. They all talk at the same time over nothing in high pitched annoying voices. I miss Canada AM.

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